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Shopping online used to be a matter of convenience and now, It has become a necessity. Even when no part of the global economy sector could remain unscathed from the ravages of coronavirus, e-commerce is the one sector that has been not only safe from the snatches of covid effect but rather constantly growing at an unprecedented pace. E-commerce industry has been a medium of survival for many people and local businesses. 

Can Tayfun Mandir, a 20-year-old businessman from Hannover, Deutschland is successfully running his drop-shipping and e-commerce business. As a High School graduate, he brilliantly perceives the finesse of the trade and of what works in the market. He coaches other business aspirants on how to avoid the losses and make profits. 

Can Tayfun Mandir, a 20-year-old businessman from Hannover, Deutschland is successfully running his drop-shipping and e-commerce business.

Can Mandir has acquired such peaks of success at a young age that others can only dream of. He gives the credit to his driven nature and single mindedness. To be successful you will have to be consistent in your efforts in your respective field, he says. Can Mandir believes in the mantra of 'Winners find the reasons and Losers find excuses.' Can Mandir is unstoppable and ruthless when it comes to dealing with the obstacles in his profession. This is the level of devotion that helped him reach at this level in his work, despite having no formal training or relevant education. 

Can Mandir chose this career after learning about the e-commerce industry on Google. His perception of the universe and the things in it, is rather unconventional and fresh. 'Getting an idea is easy. The successful execution of that idea is hard. Anyone can have an idea but most people are not equipped or passionate enough to execute that idea.' On the question of what struggles he has faced to be where he is today, Can Mandir talks about how he has worked on 2 to 3 hours sleep and sacrificed many valuable friends to follow his passion of turning his business into the brand it is today. He further says, "I was a student with no income and now I generate 6 digits monthly sales through sales and coaching." So it's not all labour and no fruit. 

About his business, Mandir shares some insights, "We operate as an e-commerce company and coach budding aspirants. Depending on the effort, you generate different amounts of sales." Many people aren't informed enough about the line of e-commerce but Can Mandir has shared how he efficiently runs his company by understanding the basic things that are viable to his work.

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Can Mandir talks about the mechanism of his work, "We work simply and risk-free. In dropshipping / e-commerce, we don't have to pay for warehouses as we don't stock items purchased previously. We don't buy any goods in advance before the customer places an order with us and that is why the risk is minimalized to zero."

Can Mandir wants to announce to the world that he believes that it will be the future of shopping and more and more entrepreneurs will indulge in it.

He says, "We have already seen the beginning of it. Many shops made of brick and doors may never open again." Building an e-commerce business takes more than selecting a brand name, writing product listings and descriptions and starting to sell products online. Many big ideas have failed in the market due to less than perfect execution. If you don't know how to drive up sales during the ups and downs of the market then you won't be able to survive for long. 

Can Mandir is a philanthropist at heart. He wants to influence youngsters to help them cut the cord financially. His vision is to make people reconsider their career and life choices. He defines the education system as, 'The school is nothing more than the training facilities for employees.' His plan is to lead as many people as possible into self employment and make them financially independent. 

Can Mandir has his uncle as his mentor who himself has generated millions of revenue in offline sales. The message he wants to give to all the people who can't decide between a cushioned job and risking it all to chase their dreams is, "If you see 1% chance, then try a hundred times."

He wants to expand in German Speaking area and offer his dropshipping services across the whole Europe. In his own words, 'Management Consulting is the goal.' 

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Can Mandir mentions that the most remarkable thing in his life he has ever done is when he dropped out at the beginning of his studies and started working towards building his dream. With his zeal, devotion and a positive attitude, Can Mandir aspires to change the future of e-commerce industry.