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Canada admits successful entrepreneurs who are seeking for new opportunities and challenges. The Canadian Business Immigration program is started to persuade and facilitate the admission of such individuals in Canada. Any business individual who desires to immigrate to Canada must apply for this program. There are no quotas based on nationality, thus any business person from outside Canada can apply for Canada permanent residency. If one meets the eligibility criteria, a permanent visa for Canada is issued to one, one's spouse and children. Canada has been rated as one of the finest places in the world to reside with the highest living standard in the world for the past few years by the UNITED NATIONS. If you want to apply for Canada Business Class Investor Program, Toronto immigration lawyer provides you the best assistance.

Canada Business Class

Business Class Investor Program

This Immigration program enables entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed persons obtain a Permanent Resident Visa and immigrate to Canada. Canada provides golden opportunities to these unparalleled professionals and business tycoons to boost the Canadian economy. The Business Class Investor Program has its own eligibility criteria; entrepreneurs, investors and self-employed persons have to meet all the requirements of this program to get their permanent residency which leads to Canada Citizenship. Some of the significant requirements are managerial skills, ability and willingness to make investments in Canada and net worth.

Moreover, if you want to make an investment in the Canadian economy, the Canadian legal authorities and some other Canadian provinces offer some beneficial options for you. This category is open to all business persons from any nation. Some of the businesses Immigrants are described below;

Entrepreneurs: The business person who able to own and manage any business in Canada, can create new jobs for Canadians and contribute to the Canadian economy is eligible under the Business Class Investor Program. A business experience along with legally obtained net worth of at least CDN $300,000 is needed to apply under this program. The world best amenities, a high quality of life, a strong economy, excellence in the latest research and innovation, low business costs and taxes makes Canada the best country for building your business.

Investors: Anyone is eligible for this category if one has strong financial status and can show that one holds legally obtained net worth of at least CAD 800,000 and are ready to make a 5-year interest-free investment of CAD 400,000 with the Canadian government.

Self-employed persons: People who aim to become self-employed in Canada are eligible under this stream. But they must fulfill the following conditions;

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  • Applicant should have relevant experience in cultural or athletics activities and an intent and aptitude to contribute to the cultural life of Canada, or
  • Applicant should have appropriate experience in farm management along with an objective and aptitude to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.

Eligibility requirements for Business Class Investor Program

The applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria for the Business Class Investor Program:

  • A candidate must have a Canadian post-secondary diploma/degree/certificate of at least 1 year or equal foreign education; all these education certificates must be validated by an ECA report from CIC designated organizations.
  • A candidate must have language skills test as a proof of proficiency in English or French.
  • A candidate must have an Immigration Consultant Canada who feels privileged to direct and assist the candidate to immigrate to Canada.
  • A candidate must have a personal net worth of at least CAD 10 million and it is earned through private sector business activities or lawful investment.

Potential Benefits of Business Class Investor Program

  • Risk-free Investment: if, you make an investment under this program, the Canadian government gives you a full guarantee and return the full amount after the admitted years
  • Immediate family members of the applicant who are included in the application also get the same status as the candidate has.
  • A candidate will also able to take the advantage of Canada permanent residency and its amenities such as, access to the best universities, free public education and universal health care amenities.

If, you are a business person and have sufficient funds to invest, you can apply under this program. Toronto immigration lawyer has been providing immigration assistance for the last 15 years. Feel free to contact and get free file evolution from expert Ronen Kurzfeld.