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Up to 50 million people suffer from life-long injuries related to car accidents each year.

Car Accident Injuries

You're likely reading this article because you've been affected by a serious car accident. You may have even already settled with the insurance companies regarding the event.

But what happens if you now realize you have an injury due to the car accident? Is there any legal recourse for late appearing car accident injuries?

In this blog post, we'll discuss what you can, and can't do legally. It is important that you know your rights so that you can be fully compensated for what you deserve.

Read on for more information.

What Are Late Appearing Car Accident Injuries?

Late appearing car accident injuries are just that: injuries that have appeared much later than your other injuries.

For example, you likely had very noticeable injuries originally. These may have included things like broken bones, whiplash or dislocated joints.

You may know your hip hurt, but you may not know you sustained a soft tissue injury until much later.

With these injuries, you noticed them immediately and your doctor treated them. You may have also received compensation for time off work due to the injuries, or other issues related to them.

However late appearing injuries are those you don't notice until well after the fact. For example, you may know your hip hurt, but you may not know you sustained a soft tissue injury until much later.

Let's break down some of the late appearing car accident injuries.


Yes, you can suffer from psychological distress due to a car accident. Because a car accident can be an extremely traumatic event, you can develop anxiety around driving in a car or even panic attacks. You may also have issues surrounding other areas in your life that rooted in the trauma of the accident.

For example, you may have nightmares, develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder or feel as though something bad is going to happen constantly. These, and any number of other issues related to psychological distress, are common for car accident survivors.

The psychological impact of the accident may be magnified if it was life threatening for yourself or someone else in the car.

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If someone perished in the car accident, this may also increase feelings of anxiety and dread in your everyday life, as well as surrounding riding in or traveling by car.

While these are all completely normal reactions, they may not appear until later due to their nature. Many people who suffered from traumatic stress may feel as though it didn't affect them initially. Then, something may happen to trigger them, and they will suddenly regress.

Sometimes, this triggering event can occur after you've settled.

If this is the case for you, you can get in contact with a lawyer after a car accident.

Other Late Appearing Injuries

Head, neck, spine and back injuries often do not appear until weeks or months after the accident itself. This is due to the fact that you may have been treated and on painkillers, thinking all of the injury was was bruising. But when you lower the painkillers and realize the injuries are still bothering you, you may then find that you've suffered from soft tissue injuries.

These injuries may take months or even years to heal, and it is important that your lawyer is able to negotiate a claim to ensure that late appearing injuries like these are covered. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to pay out of pocket for a very extensive, and expensive, injury.

What Can You Do to Ensure You Are Covered?

Late appearing injuries are common in car accidents. They're also very common in other types of accidents, whether they are related to work or accidents related to other activities.

A good lawyer knows two things: insurance companies will attempt to pay you the lowest amount possible. They also know that once you've settled, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to claim for other injuries or receive compensation for them.

Therefore, it is important that you anticipate these injuries ahead of time so that if you do suffer from any late appearing injuries, they're already covered. This is partially why lawyers often ask for what appears to be an egregious amount of money. It isn't greed, they're after ensuring that you get the best settlement possible so that you won't have an expensive injury on your hands later.

If you have already settled, there may be some recourse, but you should be aware that the recourse is slim. It is unlikely you'll be able to recover money after this point, as the case is considered closed.

Because of this, it is imperative that you have a doctor check you out fully after your accident. It is also a good idea to see a psychologist to discuss the possibility of psychological trauma after the fact.

Medical professionals may be able to help diagnose you so that there won't be any surprises later. This way, your compensation package will be fair and will pay for everything you'll need.

Car Accident Injuries

Late appearing car accident injuries can be confusing and scary. They can also be long-lasting and impact your everyday life in ways you never expected. As such, ensuring you receive a full medical check-up after the accident, even if you think you're not badly injured, is a must.

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