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You’ve probably come across many customers who are wondering whether or not they need to get a vehicle service contract, trying to weigh out the good and the bad. However, there are some facts you should present before they make their final decision. 

Let’s face it; accidents happen every single day, and those people who don’t have a vehicle service contract end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

Is there any way to know in advance if they will ever need to use it? No, but do they really want to take that chance and roll the dice with their finances? 

We hope not! So when speaking to your customers, remind them that they can get peace of mind for the small cost of a vehicle service contract like CarGuard Administration and not have to worry about ‘what if’ when taking their next road trip.

Why everybody NEEDS a vehicle service contract,

#1 Provides An Extra Layer of Security 

Sure, they just purchased the car of their dreams and perhaps a few extras to make it look exactly how they pictured it would. They’ve put their trust in you and the car manufacturer; now it’s time to explain why they should opt for that vehicle service contract.

Having the extra security of a vehicle service contract can take a lot of stress off of any future problems with their vehicle. 

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There is no way to guarantee any driver that unforeseen things won’t happen. You have to make them understand that having the extra security of a vehicle service contract can take a lot of stress off of any future problems with their vehicle. 

#2 It’s a Brand that Both You and Them Can Trust

Reassuring your customer that the car they just dropped a chunk of change on is made from a strong manufacturer and can be trusted is crucial to gaining their trust. But, make sure you explain that the vehicle service contract also relies on that brand’s trust. 

Unlike insurance companies, vehicle service contract businesses rely heavily on the manufacturer’s quality and workmanship. They are investing in the concept that you won’t need their services, but if you do - they are available whenever you need them. 

It’s like an additional safety net, and a company like CarGuard Administration is a vehicle service contract provider that is an excellent choice for those people who are looking for one.

#3 They Are Cost-Effective Solutions

Instead of focusing on the overall cost, break it down over time. For example, you can have peace of mind for pennies a day knowing that you are covered regardless of the circumstances when you have a vehicle service contract. 

Explain how much some major repairs cost if something unexpected should happen. Make sure they have a clear vision of what is at stake. They’ve made an investment when they decided to purchase that car; now, they should protect their investment with an additional layer.

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You should also mention that depending on the vehicle service contract provider like CarGuard Administration, they may be able to transfer the contract to the next buyer. This is a huge benefit for anybody looking to drive their new ride a few years and then upgrade.