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A number of people are turning to daily CBD supplements as a means of maintaining their health and wellbeing. There are several products available from an array of different brands. Tinctures are one of the most common methods of taking CBD, because they are straightforward, and there is a wide range of options.


Most users opt for a full spectrum CBD oil, which provides the full benefits of the hemp plant. In case you didn’t know, full spectrum CBD is that which contains a range of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Brands like PureKana sell various products, including a good CBD tincture range, but before you buy, you should try to educate yourself about some of the potential side effects.

Brands like PureKana sell various products, including a good CBD tincture range, but before you buy, you should try to educate yourself about some of the potential side effects.

What Are CBD Tinctures Supposed to Do?

The effects of CBD have come under a lot of speculation. The internet is full of CBD myths, and this can lead to people having too high expectations when they first try CBD.

In reality, CBD tinctures are only meant to be used as a food supplement. This means that they should only be used as a way to maintain general health, and not to treat any particular health condition. You should stay away from CBD brands that make medical claims and instead stick to reputable companies such as PureKana.

CBD tinctures work by dropping them under the tongue. Hold the oil there for up to two minutes before swallowing. The effects will start to take place reasonably quickly because sublingual administration is one of the most effective methods.

Many users report experiencing a general feeling of wellbeing after taking CBD. You might feel more alert and focused, as well as all-round healthy. These effects are not necessarily overt, so pay attention to your body to find out if it’s working.

Does CBD Have Any Side Effects?

As published in a 2017 report by the World Health Organisation, CBD is safe and well-tolerated in humans. It’s non-toxic, meaning anyone can consume it without there being severe problems.

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However, there are still a few things to be aware of when taking CBD for the first time. Some new users experience a few inconvenient side effects. While not severe or life-threatening, these side effects can affect your day.

The most common reported side effect is a dry mouth, or cottonmouth. Cannabinoids are known to cause this effect, which makes your mouth feel fuzzy and dry. CBD is one of the main culprits for cottonmouth, and unfortunately, this is unavoidable when using high doses. This effect should wear off after a few short hours, and you can mitigate it as much as possible by staying hydrated.

Another common effect is drowsiness and fatigue. Sometimes, people who take CBD can feel slightly sluggish and slow. Once again, this is not a severe effect. However, you should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery if you experience these symptoms because this could be dangerous. As a result, we recommend taking CBD for the first time on a day when you don’t plan on doing much, just to see how it affects you.

Other side effects include diarrhea and nausea, although these are even less common. As long as you stay hydrated, you should be fine. As for nausea, lying down should help until it goes away.

None of these side effects are actually serious, and none have long-term ramifications. There are some additional things you should be aware of, though. For one, CBD is known to interact with some medications. Any medication which carries a “grapefruit warning” also has a CBD warning. If your doctor has informed you not to eat grapefruit, then you also shouldn’t take CBD.

Secondly, CBD sometimes causes a drop in blood pressure after use. If you already suffer from low blood pressure, then consult a physician before using CBD.

Final Thoughts: The Negative Side Effects of CBD Tinctures

Luckily, CBD has very few side effects, and those which do occur are not severe. As a result, it is considered safe to take for most people.

However, there are some things to be aware of. For example, those with low blood pressure, and those already taking medication should consult a doctor before using a CBD tincture. Also, some people do experience side effects which can affect their day, such as lethargy and dizziness as a result of a drop in blood pressure.

To avoid side effects as much as possible, you should only take a low dose of CBD to start with, allowing your body to adjust. Slowly increase this dose over time until you notice positive effects. CBD tinctures provide an easy way to measure out a CBD dose to find the perfect strength for you.