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Celebrity Realtor Quiana Watson

It’s no surprise that the real estate industry can be incredibly competitive. With so many real estate professionals saturating the market in cities and towns across the United States, many agents wonder how they can become successful in the field? 

Most successful agents like Quiana Watson who specializes in residential, commercial and development have a very regimented schedule. The most important part is having a system in place then proceed to lead generation to find buyers and sellers.

Quiana Watson, an entrepreneur, CEO, broker, educator and influencer has been recognized nationally for her work. Based upon the ideas of integrity with expertise, flawless reputation, exceptional service, leadership, and consistent improvement of craft, Quiana makes the best possible experience for her clients.

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Outside of real estate Quiana is also a TV personality. She is the emerging star of OWN's latest show 'Ladies Who List Atlanta" and eight episode series following six Black women dominating the ATL’s real estate market as brokers, real estate attorneys, and agents. The series premiered earlier this month, on January 5th.

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