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Progressives are pushing for a new president by next year. Nevertheless, they have an uphill battle on their hands. There is a good chance that the battle is going to rage on until the very end and before people start casting their ballots. Joe Biden or Donald Trump will be president. There is no doubt about it. So, who is going to emerge as the president after the election? Does Joe Biden have a chance of pulling the upset and dethroning the current President of the United States? Within this guide, you’re going to learn more about Joe Biden’s chances of winning the Presidency.

Chances of Winning

The Kamala Harris Pick

Many felt that Kamala Harris was a strong pick as Vice President. It shows that Joe is willing to pick an African American woman as his running mate.

Many felt that Kamala Harris was a strong pick as Vice President. It shows that Joe is willing to pick an African American woman as his running mate. Furthermore, Harris has proven herself in and out of politics. The California Senator has been a force to be reckoned with and Joe understood this. Many thought Joe would receive a bump after picking Harris as his running mate but this hasn’t happened. The betting markets responded to the decision very rapidly and it was not good for Joe Biden. Before the announcement, Joe had a lead of -155 over Trump.

After Joe’s decision, the odds of him winning the election dropped to -135. As for Trump, his odds improved to +105. Joe and Kamala are confident in their ability to sway voters. However, not everyone is convinced. Right now, Joe can win based on the better markets but his chances are running thin. Some people are visiting Kasyno online to bet on their favorite candidate.

Professor’s Model

Progressives do not want to hear that Trump could possibly win another term. This is their worst nightmare and could likely lead to widespread rioting once again. Nevertheless, some predictions show that Trump will likely take home a victory in November. Stony Brook professor Helmut Norporth analyzed the Primary Model to learn more about Trump’s chances. It could that Donald Trump has a 91% chance of winning the November 2020 election. This comes from a political science professor who has correctly predicted five of six selections since 1996

That doesn’t bode well for Joe Biden. Nevertheless, anything is possible and progressives shouldn’t give up hope just yet.

Obama’s Say

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President Obama should know more about Joe Biden than anyone else. The two ran the country together for eight years. So, what does Obama think about Biden’s chances of winning the upcoming election? Unfortunately, the outlook is grim. Insider reports show that tension has lingered between the two men who have different governing styles. A handful of anonymous sources were reported as saying Obama had doubts about Biden’s fitness for office. In 2016, Obama said that he didn’t think anyone was ever so qualified to hold this office as Hillary Clinton

If these insider reports are anything to take seriously, Biden is going to have to battle hard to win the election.

Polling Lead

The big difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is the lead. Right now, the polls show that Joe Biden has a massive lead in the polls. While the numbers have gotten closer over the last few months, Biden still maintains a 7 point lead over Donald Trump. Furthermore, polls show Biden leading some key battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina. The numbers are close but Biden could pull out a win in these states and claim the Presidency.

Doing so would likely be a major upset but anything can happen.


Finally, it is impossible to think about the election and not consider COVID-19. The pandemic has created a new sense of urgency for the president. After all, a recent poll showed that 50% of voters believed Trump’s handling of the COVID pandemic was very bad. This is not a good sign for the President since it could give Biden the wiggle room needed to steal the Presidency in November. Furthermore, the poll said that more than 70% of respondents felt the country was going badly. This is frightening for Donald Trump.

Will this be enough to secure Joe Biden the victory in November? That is difficult to say. It is best for progressive to vote so they can do their part in dethroning Donald Trump.