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The videogame industry is running up fluently and always fast. A lot of modern trends are ready to change all previous features and break the standardized rules in one moment. I could say that the gaming industry is one of the most powerful sources of trends and any other information. Moreover, it could be also a good social tool, which could regulate people’s activity and habits. The gaming industry is a huge part of human culture nowadays and it was spread worldwide because the major part of people really likes to spend a lot of time playing PC and console games. You could see a lot of titles made by different companies and now you could not mess with these statements because here is news and other publications about gaming events (such as E3 and Blizzcon) and other activities. The gaming community is one of the strongest ever. 

However, I think that we should not forget about the origins of our favourite industry. Remember old titles and companies, which brought a lot of emotions and feelings to us in the past. Remember the gameplay mechanics and level design of these projects to compare them with the modern games and see how things changed completely. The life of an old gamer was quite difficult and there are a lot of differences between past and current times. The main difference is the expansion of digital PC and console versions on the market. Today, we can not see too many jewel and regular boxes with our favourite games like in the past times. Lan multiplayer is no more popular and everything came online: online games, online meetings and online distribution killed the part of generic communication between players. Lan parties are dead now and we just could keep the sweet memories inside our hearts. So, I want you to save as many memories as you can and keep it clear to share with future generations and discuss it. Nostalgia is a good feeling for people, who passed a lot of steps in their lives. Life path is always difficult for everyone, but I suggested saving one important thing for future gamers. 

My gaming collection is really huge and I could say that it could be a good part of someone's gaming museum, but I decided to do a more simple thing to support the gaming community. As you remember, all jewel boxes had in-game manuals and I think we should collect our jewel collections and convert their manuals into PDF because here we could find a lot of useful information about our games. A lot of guides and lifehacks posted on these pages to teach people how to play the game and make it easier.

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Secondly, we should not forget about paper game magazines with rare releases and info. A lot of various reviews are available for us now. We could compare it with the modern opinion about old games and see how people's attitudes changed (if we speak about seeing the features and advantages of classical games). To make it digital, we may use services like etc. And then upload it to cloud storage, but I want you to post these materials at your social network and share it in all gaming-related groups and communities.