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All You Need to Know about Freedom Educator and Instagram Influencer Charles Thompson

The success of Charles as an entrepreneur comes from his dedication to attain freedom.
Charles Thompson

Instagram influencers are experts with many years of exposure to a certain field. They are confident and inspire people to follow them and take their advice. Charles Thompson is one of those influencers. A successful entrepreneur with many achievements, Charles is a freedom educator who empowers young people. He is also a member of the advisory board with Powur PBC, a solar power contracting company that promotes reducing carbon pollution.

Charles has been working in the field of the solar community for many years. He sees solar power as a drive to empower people to achieve freedom from the capitalist structure that demands expensive bills. As a freedom educator, he wants to help people achieve their dreams by not being bound to a demanding authority.

The success of Charles as an entrepreneur comes from his dedication to attain freedom.

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The success of Charles as an entrepreneur comes from his dedication to attain freedom. He served in the U.S. Air Force for 9 years; then he left the army to pursue his advanced studies in business management. Charles always had the capability to lead people, so he took on many roles as a leader for big corporations on a regional and local level.

Charles’s innovative and positive mindset led him to work hard towards his goals as a leader. His skills as a sales leadership mentor have been recognized by many companies. He co-founded All Gard, a home security solution company. By dedicating his effort and applying different strategies, he expanded the small startup into one of the best home security companies in California, with annual revenues of $130 million in the span of 6 years. Charles was also part of CasePost to help in increasing sales. The revenue quadrupled and that raised the company's worth to be sold off to Legal Zoom. Furthermore, he was also involved in implementing a revenue model for World Resorts International as their COO.

As a freedom educator, Charles has given many motivational speeches to people. He has been invited to many conferences to speak about his experiences. Charles has been featured on Powur PBC’s official YouTube channel for being an empowering figure for the team. At Powur PBC, he manages 5,000 agents. He has worked hard to build a team to help in launching a platform to empower and promote change in the energy industry.

Now, Charles is a famous influencer on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of loyal followers. He posts empowering content for people to learn and work on their own personal development through him. He believes that every person deserves to have freedom, but the road to acquiring that freedom takes a lot of sacrifices.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

By posting motivational videos, Charles wants people to evolve with time by taking small steps towards improvement and self-development. He holds virtual sessions on Freedom Academy to help people plan and work towards their goals of freedom.