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Choosing an Excellent Lawyer

Seeking a lawyer, whether you've never used one before or you do so often, can be difficult. There are several types of lawyers and law firms to choose from, including solicitor, barrister, partner, associate, high street, city, etc. It can be difficult to determine which form of lawyer you need. And once you've figured that out, how can you find the right lawyer at a reasonable price? Here's a guide to finding a lawyer

Personal Recommendations

If you speak to a half-dozen people who have faced a similar legal issue, you're likely to get a few strong leads.

A safer strategy is to speak with people in your culture who have dealt with similar issues. If you speak to a half-dozen people who have faced a similar legal issue, you're likely to get a few strong leads. However, deciding on a lawyer purely based on someone else's recommendation is not a good idea. Different people can react differently to a lawyer's style and personality; it's best to wait until you've met the lawyer, discussed the case, and agreed that you feel comfortable working with him or her before making a decision.

Consider hiring a professional

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Most lawyers specialize in specific fields, and even a so-called "general practitioner" cannot be well-versed in the field in question. For example, of the nearly one million lawyers today, only about 50,000 have adequate knowledge and expertise in small business law to be of real assistance to a budding entrepreneur. Working with a lawyer specializing in a particular area, such as UK divorce lawyers, workplace discrimination lawyers, zoning laws lawyers, software design problems, or restaurant licensing lawyers, may be beneficial. You can take advantage of the fact that the lawyer is already well-versed in the subject. When experts charge a little more, it can be money well spent if their advanced knowledge is genuinely useful. A family lawyer Barrie, for example, would be extremely diligent in that specific area of Law.

Referral Services for Lawyers

Another source of knowledge is lawyer referral services. Although lawyer referral services are expected to be accredited by the state bar association, there is a wide range of quality. Some lawyer referral services carefully screen lawyers and recommend only those with specific credentials and prior experience. In contrast, others will list any attorney in good standing with the state bar, which retains liability insurance. Before you use a lawyer referral service, determine what criteria it uses to choose attorneys and how thoroughly lawyers are screened.


Pay special attention to the chemistry between you and your lawyer. You can never achieve an optimal lawyer-client partnership if you feel awkward with a lawyer during your first meeting or two, no matter how qualified or well-recommended they are. Trust your gut and look for a lawyer with a personality that matches yours. Experience, personal rapport, and accessibility are also important factors to consider.

Interview Potential Lawyers

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After you've got the names of a few good prospects, the next move is to speak with each one individually. Most of the lawyers can meet with you for a half-hour or so at no charge if you outline your needs in advance so that you can assess them and make an educated decision. When you need to employ a lawyer, such as UK divorce lawyers or many others, this shortlist of considerations can help you choose the right lawyer for your needs.