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Don’t let his age fool you. 26-year-old Chris Diaz is a Young Turk who is the CEO of Chris Diaz Agency in America. With passion and diligence, this swashbuckling entrepreneur has helped several businesses top-up from points of extreme vulnerabilities and a sense of hopelessness. In this article, he discusses the challenges and rewards of heading one of America’s most prominent consulting agencies.

Chris Diaz

Challenges are a part and parcel in the life of a business consultant. “It’s like a conveyor belt of problems that one faces at work every day. But I like that part. I learned soon enough that challenges don’t go away on their own.” So whether he’s helping a new businessman find his feet (and customer’s eyeballs) in the marketplace or helping an established player pull up from a quagmire of stagnation, “challenges are the fuel that keep the engine of entrepreneurship going” says Chris.

A young gun, as many of his clients call him, Chris is indeed armed with many skills that are hard to find in one single individual.

When the challenges are high in number, the rewards, rest assured will be no less. Why? Well, according to Chris, “when you are able to overcome many challenges, it means that you are that much closer to rewards.” For him helping others is at the core of business. And that’s rewarding in and of itself. Chris took a plunge in business consulting primarily because he wanted, “to be that person that can provide more business owners with more money and opportunity to improve the quality of their life.” And in that, he has succeeded. His clients range from elite entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, to businesses worldwide, who come to him again and again for his expertise in, “copywriting, increasing brand awareness, conversions, crafting profitable offers, branding, and creating high-level marketing strategies.”

Chris is a go-getter in the most holistic way possible. A young gun, as many of his clients call him, Chris is indeed armed with many skills that are hard to find in one single individual. His experience and in-depth understanding of "influencer marketing, celebrity campaigns, and building world-class sales funnels have "made him the go-to guy for several 6 and 7 figure businesses". Larger businesses, he says “offer me the chance to experiment. That above all is my greatest drive. From creating my own software for Instagram growth in the past to finding digital solutions that generate more revenue immediately" Chris finds that one of one “my greatest rewards is making things tick least expectedly and most profitably.”

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Chris embraces challenges and values rewards. For him every day is a new beginning and every business a complete package of problems and creativity.