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Music has been around for centuries, and it's safe to say that it will still be around for many more. It's an escape from reality that allows people to forget their worries and focus on something else entirely - a refuge.

And although this may seem as simple as switching on a radio or TV, there is a massive difference between what people prefer to listen to. For example, some people love listening to music from artists who talk about God and the Bible; others think these artists make them want to run away.

Christian music can have a huge impact on your life. The right song can motivate you to make changes and meet goals you never thought possible.

It is a genre of music that serves to celebrate or express faith or is used for religious purposes, liturgical or spiritual music in church. Music can aid in prayer and meditation, as well as in personal growth and maturation. That's why many people listen and sing along to Planetshakers church songs.

Find out more about how Christian music can improve your quality of life.

Reasons Why You Should Listen To Christian Music

No matter what part of Christian life you're in right now, it's possible to grow closer to Christ through the lyrics of your favorite songs.

1. Nurtures Your Faith

Gospel music is the first-ever Christian music genre. Its beauty and meaning transcend time, place, and culture. Listening to Gospel music is not only a way to learn more about your faith and spirituality; it is a celebration of God's love for his children.

Usually, gospel singers often focus on various topics, including what God has done for humanity or how you can spread His word. These songs can be uplifting and inspire hope in listeners and promote spiritual enlightenment in people of all faiths.

2. Reopens Your Mind

People’s lives have become so fast-paced that they lose focus on what matters. They read a text message and get angry or upset, becoming impatient with the car going too slowly. Then they turn on their Christian radio, and suddenly, the chaos in their hearts changes to peace.

You are reminded to be forgiving and full of grace, no matter what you feel. Your mind is renewed with words from God's Word.

The power of music is used to help you heal and bring hope. Music helps you remember how big God is, while He constantly reminds you how small your problems are.

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3. Mental Health Improvement

While there are many ways to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression, few are as effective as Christian music. The upbeat tunes lift the spirit, while the message offers hope for salvation. Also, faith-based music is an excellent resource for those who want to cope with their feelings healthily.

Music is powerful, and the gospel is no exception. Listening to spiritual songs positively affects negative emotions and stress levels, and higher self-esteem. This type of music leads to a feeling of purpose, which relates to psychological well-being.

4. Encourages Transformation

Christian music is an inspiration for many people. Music has always been a way to lift the soul and promote good feelings, but Christian music does more than that: it challenges people to live differently. This kind of music is not forbidden to abandon every part of your old self.

Instead, you will be called to live out the teachings of the Bible and become better human beings. You can achieve all this as you take inspiration from Christian music.

5. Relaxes Your Body And Soul

The Christian music genre reflects the teachings of Christ and therefore encompasses many different types of songs. Gospel songs are slow, peaceful melodies that allow listeners to be at peace with themselves and their world.

Gentle and inspirational, soft rock gospel is perfect for relaxing weary muscles after a long day. Christian music is designed to uplift and inspire audiences, especially as they face hard times. Enjoy Christian music as you seek answers and inspiration when life throws curveballs.


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The vibrations and sounds of music can be powerful. You can benefit psychologically, spiritually, and physically whenever you listen to Christian music. Sometimes it isn't easy to find the right type of music that matches your mood or needs. If this is the case for you, then Christian lyrics may be exactly what you want.