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Leaving a mark in a particular field requires reaching a level of excellence that transcends having the right set of skills and abilities to accomplish incredible feats. As a matter of fact, the world’s most successful people are acclaimed not only for their significant accomplishments but also for the meaningful impact that they were able to make on other people’s lives. One of those that have been making significant waves with his genuine flair and diligent efforts is Christopher M. Aboy, an esteemed visionary who has been teaching interested individuals martial arts and motivating them to become stronger and better versions of themselves.


As one of the foremost advocates of using his skills and talents to spark positive change in the lives of others, Chris already knew that he would be taking a path that would allow him to help and guide people. Heavily determined to become a reliable source of strength and wisdom, he addressed himself to the challenge of taking go-getters to great heights and encouraging them to expand their horizons and be more daring in their respective pursuits. Immensely fueled by the desire to elevate the law enforcement field using his martial arts prowess, he is now holding workshops nationwide.

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Growing up in West Covina, California, Christopher M. Aboy always dreamt of working in the law enforcement field while also being able to teach martial arts. In 1999, he graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communications. His college program mainly focused on public relations, and this allowed him to apply his expertise at multiple police departments around the country, including federal agencies and the military.

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After his graduation, Chris worked as a personal trainer at a 24 Hour Fitness in Ontario, California, until a police agency called him. He then accepted a position as a uniformed officer with a federal police agency in Washington, DC. While working as a law enforcement officer, he also taught martial arts to his coworkers in a two-car garage until he put up an LLC in 2009. According to Christopher M. Aboy, the challenges that he encountered did not stop him from fulfilling his dream of teaching martial arts to those who wanted to learn the craft. Quite the contrary, it only further fueled his passion and pushed him to work even harder toward his goal.

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Throughout his law enforcement career, Chris has taught at numerous national police conferences in San Diego, Boston, and Las Vegas. On top of that, he also taught multiple Muay Thai lessons and conducted several self-defense workshops across the country. In fact, he is the proud founder and owner of T.A.G. Muay Thai, a Muay Thai gym in Sterling, Virginia, offering multiple classes for individuals of all ages in various skill levels. As someone who has always been passionate about his craft, nothing compares to the joy he gets from sharing his knowledge and skills with others. For this reason, he strives to continue his journey of equipping individuals with all there is to know about martial arts and emboldening them to embrace their strength and own their inner power.