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Christopher Senekki

Did you know that 1 in 6 people suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety and depression every week? Making matters worse is that 1 in 5 people struggle with suicidal thoughts, while 1 in 15 attempt suicide.

Suicide rates keep climbing up, and amidst the concerning numbers, Christopher Senekki looks at an oft-overlooked solution: self-perception.

Suicide rates keep climbing up, and amidst the concerning numbers, Christopher Senekki looks at an oft-overlooked solution: self-perception.

Christopher has been an ardent advocate for men’s mental health prevention for over two decades. As someone who has experienced highs and lows throughout life, Christopher wants to use his voice to raise awareness about men’s mental health and the role self-perception plays in helping men cope better with stress, anxiety, depression.

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You are what you wear.

What you wear affects people’s impressions of you. More importantly, however, it also influences how you feel about yourself. Scientific studies have been conducted to prove this point. For one, a study by Prof. Karen Pine involved asking students to wear a Superman t-shirt. Surprisingly, Prof. Pine found that wearing the shirt didn’t merely boost the students’ confidence, but it made them think they were physically stronger.

While some people might raise their eyebrows at the study results, Christopher notes that similar things happen in everyday life. He says that a crumpled shirt could blow a date or a dirty pair of sneakers could lead to embarrassing jokes from friends. All this impacts a man’s feelings towards himself.

Conforming to the status quo

Every day, there seems to be a mounting pressure to conform to the status quo. Refusing to do so might make you the odd one out and the subject of ridicule. Christopher has heard numerous stories about this from his Instagram followers. The rise of social media hasn’t helped either, but Christopher wants to change that by promoting the ideology that improved self-perception is one of the key prevention measures, since it bolsters confidence in one-self and provides, in many cases, the degree of empowerment required to deal with more serious issues in life.

Christopher continues to argue, that in fact social media has encouraged many men to pursue their passion and showcase it to millions of users around the globe. The passion is then the crutch to overcome hurdles, avoid addictions and remaining committed to a purpose, a goal which supersedes the desire to wallow in a depressive and negative mindset.

Never stop exploring

Christopher understands that most of his audience struggles with trying to fit in. However, he always reminds them that fitting in isn’t the end goal. Men should focus on exploring their own style, moto and passions which will inevitably bring out happiness and positivity.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

As you open up your wardrobe, take it as an opportunity to kick start the day on the right note. Take control not only of how you dress but how you feel. Christopher always encourages other to reach out and takes the time to reply to messages from people seeking information or advice on men’s mental health prevention. Christopher highlights that it is complacency which has led men’s mental health issues to escalate to the levels being witnessed today and now is the time to change that.