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Every entrepreneur becomes successful from the trial and errors in their life. It is all about taking risks in life to become a top-notch entrepreneur. Christian Nickel aka Chriz Nickel took the route of entrepreneurship and began his journey without anyone’s backing and has reached at the peak of his career today. He is one of the most trusted and reliable names in the field of network marketing all over the world. In a year, he has clocked the 6-figure income and later he made a 7-figure income. The multi-entrepreneur is also empowering amateur network marketers by educating them about the fundamentals of marketing.

Chriz Nickel

With an active team of 5500 members working with him, Chriz is all set to expand the team of network marketers across the globe.

As a kid, he always aimed to be a successful businessman. Ambition and success have been two core values in the life of Nickel. With an active team of 5500 members working with him, Chriz is all set to expand the team of network marketers across the globe. With an only vision to become a rich entrepreneur, he started working at a very young age in Germany where he spent most of his childhood. Before embarking the journey as an entrepreneur, Chriz worked as a dishwasher. “I was paid 5 euros on an hourly basis. It was not enough to meet the financial needs. I did part-time jobs in Obi, Subway and many other places”, said Nickel.

The young man got to learn a lot about the business at these places. In 2011 and 2012, he worked as a salesperson in Debeka. With his experience, he made up his mind to start his venture. Humanleasing was his venture where Chriz was a part-owner of the company. Unfortunately, the company incurred a huge loss and the debt went up to 10,000 euros. Speaking about it, he said, “The company went into debt and it devastated me. I worked at the company of my friend’s father and with time, things fell into place. I got sponsorship tp work in South America and flying there was perhaps the best decision of my life.”

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The concept of multi-level marketing was introduced to Chriz in 2017 by one of his friends on Instagram. His experience in sales was a plus point to foray into the marketing field. “I did an extensive research about the best MLM companies and in a time of 3 years, I associated with the best network companies of the world”, he added. The year saw Christian becoming the global sales director of Auvoria Prime. Utilizing his knowledge to the fullest, Chriz Nickel has been serving as one of the most hard-working network marketers not only in Germany but all over the world.