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“What is the cost to defend a lawsuit? That is one of the most common questions new clients ask us,” according to Brad Nakase, a respected civil litigation attorney sought by many business owners in Los Angeles. “The difficulty with this question is that there are many variables to consider. There are a lot of factors that will affect the cost of defending a lawsuit. For starters, most Los Angeles business lawyers will defend cases on an hourly fee basis, and it is almost impossible to predict how many hours of work will go into your defense. The same is true that class action law firms charge an hourly rate but that rate is higher for class action defense.”

“For example, at Nakase Wade, our California civil litigation attorneys defended countless lawsuits. The defense cost can range from $10,000 to nearly $1 million; it depends on the complexity of the issues, and the amount of money at issue,” according to Brad Nakase. Now the

It is an understandable question; you want to know how much you need to budget for your defense and if it is worth your while settling. Below we will discuss some of the main factors that will affect the cost of your lawsuit defense.

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Why Do So Many Factors Affect the Cost of Defending the Lawsuit?

Litigation, unlike other professions with hourly rates, is influenced by a number of factors. Even the most skilled and experienced litigator will not be able to control how many hours the lawsuit will take. Surprise events will occur like a witness changing their testimony, and aggressive opposing counsel can turn processes that should only take a few hours into day-long events.

There are so many moving parts to a lawsuit, and the amount of time it takes will be largely established by the plaintiff’s attorney’s strategy and the court’s rulings.

There are so many moving parts to a lawsuit, and the amount of time it takes will be largely established by the plaintiff’s attorney’s strategy and the court’s rulings.

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An excellent attorney will often lay out a rough guide to the expense of different strategies and when strategies may need to be changed. They will provide you with the possible outcomes of each different approach and how each decision will affect different aspects of the case.

Even if your attorney provides estimates of the cost of defending the lawsuit, it is not guaranteed. Some of the factors which may affect the cost of a lawsuit are:

The Type of Opponents

If your opponent has access to a lot of funds and expert counsel, then your defense will often cost a lot more money. These types of opponents will gladly spend the money to win the lawsuit. A smaller opponent who is not as well-funded will look to make the lawsuit go away with the lowest cost possible. Look at the opponents history of lawsuits and what strategies they usually employ.

Opposing Counsel

Most people would assume that a less experienced opponent would mean your defense will cost less. But this is not the case. An experienced opposing attorney will have considered all the possible outcomes of the case based on different strategies they and the defendant may use. They will look to resolve the case in the most beneficial way for their client that does not involve cheap shots, wasting their time bickering over peanuts, and unnecessarily costing their client in time, money, or reputation.

That being said, even some experienced attorneys like to take an aggressive “scorched earth” approach. This could come from the attorney or the client wanting to really hurt their opponent.

A Defense Estimate Is Not an Exact Science

Even the most carefully laid plans can become derailed. If you ask your attorney to give you a best-case scenario estimate and a worst-case scenario estimate, the difference could be tens or hundreds of millions.

Use any estimates as a guide rather than a certainty, and be ready to pay more than you expected. Instead of looking for the best estimate when selecting your legal counsel, you should look for an attorney that communicates well and keeps you up to date.

Are You Considering Litigation or Being Sued?

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