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Our history and present are heavily intertwined in modeling our future. Everything that occurs in society affects our children's survival, well-being, learning, and future lives. COVID-19 has demonstrated how fragile society is without child education, thus emphasizing the importance of firmly putting child education on the global agenda. Claire Revell, a well-known advocate for STEM and women's leadership, spoke to us on the importance of children’s education for a sustainable future.

Claire Revell is the director and CEO of Intellek (formerly TutorPro) and co-founder of EdTech company SIDIS Academy, a newly launched technology business support provider of the new U.K. T Level qualifications. Intellek, a global B2B learning provider, specializes in providing software solutions to learning and development professionals, helping reduce training costs and increase staff productivity as technology evolves. Being at the forefront of learning technology, Claire believes that children should have access to education, particularly in STEM fields where youngsters are more likely to be held back due to limited opportunities. Claire argues, “Learning should be considered not only a tool for eradicating poverty but also as an opportunity to ignite a revolution for future progress.”

According to Claire, education for sustainable development involves developing all-round life skills from the perspective of curriculum, leadership, financial literacy, communication, and management, which are essential for personal development. “By equipping children with all relevant capabilities from a multi-disciplinary approach, they stand a chance to excel in life,” says Claire. “Reducing learning to a single area of development limits the capacity of child education to transform individuals and societies.”

Claire is convinced that we can be the advocates for child education by challenging the issues surrounding them, from policy to practice. As a philanthropist, Claire states that every child should have access to education and a safe environment to reduce the number of child-headed families, particularly in developing countries. She also backs mentorship and digital training programs for those who have been incarcerated so that they can support themselves through employment.

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Claire Revell believes we can maximize the huge potential for a safe, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future by incorporating numerous inputs and developmental efforts in child education.