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Cleaning Dryer Vent

Dryers contribute a lot to home fire hazards. When you stay for a long time without cleaning dryer vent, dirt and lint collect in the vent. This blocks the exit of hot air from the machine, and it begins to overheat. Since lint is highly flammable, a combination of heat and dirt could lead to a fire.

Cleaning the vent is not hard, but it requires enough expertise. Some signs that your machine's vent is dirty are if it takes longer to dry clothes, clothes come out hot, and have a burning smell. If you have the right vent cleaning skills, this guide on the steps of cleaning dryer ventwill help you.

  1. Locate The Duct

The first step is to check where the duct is. It is held by a clamp and extends to the outside of the house. The vent allows hot air from the machine to ensure it does not overheat. However, if there is a lot of lint, hot air cannot exit, and the machine starts to overheat. The outer part of the vent is covered to prevent crawling insects from getting into the vent.

Cleaning dryer vent is an important process because it benefits your entire home. Learn how to carry out dryer vent cleaning like a pro.

  1. Disconnect The Dryer

Once you locate the dryer vent, disconnect it from the machine. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove the clumps. Also, find the main power supply point. Some dryers run on gas while others use electricity. Regardless of what your machine uses, ensure it is turned off. This protects the cleaner from electric shocks and fires.

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  1. Clean The Vent And Outer Parts Of The Dryer

Use a brush with soft bristles to loosen the lint. Hard bristles will destroy the vent pipe by making holes. Use a back and forth motion when doing dryer vent cleaning. Also, use long brushes to reach the hard-to-reach points. Once all the dirt is loosened up, use a vacuum to suck it and ensure you take it to the farthest point of the vent to ensure no dirt remains on the pipe.

Clean the outlet too. Leaving it dirty will allow the dirt back into the duct and dryer. Check the dryer's removable parts, clear them, and ensure you also clean the laundry room. Failure to clean the laundry room could make the dust and debris return to the machine.

  1. Reconnect The Dryer
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Once everything you are done with a clean dryer vent and everything is all clean and dry, reconnect it to its position. Connect the vent to the back of the machine and push it back to the wall. Return the clumps and screw them back using a screwdriver. Check if the lid to the exterior vent is dry and return it. Return also the cleaned outer parts of the dryer. Plug the dryer back into the electric source.

  1. Test The Dryer

Put small amounts of clothes in the dryer and run it. It helps you check if the power is flowing into the machine perfectly and is an improvement.