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Climate Day

While the world is heating up in the wrong places and cooling down where it shouldn’t be, we are all apportioned our share of the blame. However, we should have done more, should be doing more, and definitely should be putting pressure on our politicians to protect the world that our children will be living in. 

Climate change is so natural that it is starting to hit the average person where it hurts. From a lack of water to rising oil prices and a future filled with plastic items that won’t go anywhere – we took a look at all the ways that the climate crisis is influencing the average Joe’s back pocket.

The Climate Is in Crisis

The way we live has led to a considerable climate crisis that we assume we could put off for years. Unfortunately, each generation has left it to the next to clean up the mess they created, and we have repeated this so many times that we are now at risk of losing our planet. As of January 2021, we were 100 seconds to midnight on the doomsday clock. Not only is this the worst thing ever been, but climate scientists are starting to speculate that we might be beyond the point of no return already. 

Rising temperatures and rising sea levels are visible signs of the crisis. In Greenland this year, the ice has retreated, unearthing new land in America’s and the Baltic countries. There is a risk in the melting ice that it will awaken long-forgotten diseases. None of us want to live through another pandemic.

The Monetary Cost of Climate Change

Our failure to secure our environment against future and current damage is leading to rising prices for everyone.

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Let’s look at different places and how they handle the climate crisis – and how much it costs them to do so.

1 – LA

La has been the subject of extreme heat, which melts plastic and tar alike. Coastal areas of LA are experiencing three times more days of temperatures over 95F, with San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys already identified as problem areas. The rising cost of your AC and HVAC units can be attributed to the increasing temperatures, as much as it is due to corporate greed.

2 – Australia

If you don’t have a Carport Sydney Australia, you are in danger of sun damage to your vehicle. The heat is so bad that it can melt roads, as we have all seen in the frightening images that have come out of Oz of cars melted into the street. Australia was already a hot country before the climate crisis; it only remains to be seen what happens there in the next few years.

3 – Greenland

Greenland has traditionally had an arctic climate with temperatures not exceeding 10 C at the warmest times of the year. However, in 2019, about 532 billion tons of ice were lost to the sea, causing problems with harbors worldwide. Look at London, for example, where flood defenses need to be raised every year to keep up with the catastrophe.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

 Climate Change does not affect some of us; it’s in GreenlandThis hurting us all. The sooner we start to do something about it, the better.