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Cloud computing and cloud engineering are at the core of technological advancements that are fast being implemented by companies worldwide. Over recent years, founder of Level Up In Tech, Broadus Palmer has witnessed more and more companies in need of the support that he can provide in the field of cloud career coaching.

Cloud computing includes the use of servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence all under the title of computing services. It is done over the internet which as intangible as the internet is, is further referred to as “the cloud”. Cloud computing offers companies and brands more efficient innovation, and flexible resources.

When Broadus Palmer decided to leave his job as a banker behind after 14 years in the industry, the field of cloud computing and cloud engineering was even less established than it is today. Now it is strongly regarded as a lucrative career path with a trajectory of only upward and expanding possibilities.

After undertaking his own due diligence, Broadus Palmer learned everything that he needed to know to successfully become qualified and land a 6-figure job. His journey inspired the birth of his company Level Up In Tech which offers a comprehensive approach to cloud career coaching.

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“Employers want to see experience, and that's what we help to create. We provide hands-on projects that can be used to juice up your resume and set you apart from other applicants. We provide real-world projects to help you expand your skills.” shares Broadus.

Inspiring Positive Change In Others

Throughout his own career journey, Broadus was able to navigate the twists and turns. Outside of the certifications that he needed to be deemed qualified in cloud engineering, he was quick to realize that what made him stand out even further was his mindset and unique approach to problem solving. This ultimately led him to identifying the potential of what he could offer to companies, and how Level Up In Tech was birthed.

What Broadus brings to the table through Level Up In Tech is a combination of the aforementioned, but also the strong desire to help others, to passionately want to see others thrive in the field, and to see them achieve their goals.

The care and consideration for the human element in the learning and hiring process put Broadus and Level Up In Tech in a strong-standing position. This unique standpoint helps towards the development of the minds of future tech workers who will be at the forefront of what the cloud computing industry has to offer and what it is set to become.

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Although Broadus is changing lives indirectly through motivational content across multiple social media platforms, he firmly believes in the power of one-on-one Cloud Career Coaching. Now highly regarded as a pillar of the cloud community, Broadus tirelessly works to restore the collective faith of self-belief with his “can-do” attitude and to encourage more individuals to follow their hearts into the ever-evolving field of cloud computing.