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Mao Lal seems to have been spot-on when he regarded himself as an old dog that has continued to learn new tricks in the blockchain technology industry. With disruptive companies under his management, all running seamlessly, Mao remains one of the biggest brands in the blockchain industry and he has identified the decades of his experience as the unique selling point that puts him ahead of others in the industry.

The blockchain technology has been around for decades, with a couple of individuals and organizations exploring its unique features. However, the blockchain technology industry witnessed unprecedented growth a few years ago following the drastic increase in the value of a couple of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin. This brought the technology to the global limelight, causing otherwise normal people on the street to show some level of interest in the technology.

Blockchain enthusiast and entrepreneur, Mao Lal, expresses himself as a pioneer in the blockchain industry, a feature he states distinguishes him from other players

Since the rapid increases in the prices of cryptocurrencies a few years back, more companies and individuals have entered the fray. However, only a few of such companies have held their own and survived amid the turbulence that followed the drastic price accretion. One such name is Mao Lal, an experienced blockchain enthusiast that has continuously advocated for the increasing use of blockchain and its immense features by as many people as possible.

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Considering the experience and passion of Mao, it is not surprising that he has achieved a great amount of success over the years, a phenomenon that can be attributed to his ingenuity.

Unlike most others in the industry, I've been involved with blockchain technology from the very beginning - not just when Bitcoin, with its rapid price increases, caused a certain amount of populism in the financial industry. My experience in the industry distinguishes me and my companies. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many visionary people,” said Mao Lal when answering questions about his distinguishing feature.

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Through my large network of experts in various fields, I can implement innovative ideas with potential with Bitson Management GmbH not only quickly but also efficiently. I especially enjoy the combination of the groundbreaking new technology with traditional markets,” Mao Lal continued.