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College homework assignments can be a lot of fun since they make you acquire new skills and dive deep into the research. However, just imagine how many assignments you have to complete within a single semester. Complicated instructions, huge piles of books, and endless hours in the library will change your mind about college making it an absolute nightmare. What is your solution? How to get done with homework fast? Learn how to learn!

College Assignments
  1. Do the proper planning.

Planning comes as an integral part of completing any task, and college homework is not an exception. Most of the students follow the Waterfall model, which actually messes up their time-schedule and decreases productivity level. Before giving up and designing your own planning method, try Kanban (as a principle) or Trello (as a desktop/mobile online application).

Let’s see how it works when you’re working on your Management essay.


  1. Choose and approve the topic;
  2. Come up with the essay structure;
  3. Set the list of the online sources;
  4. Set the list of the offline sources;
  5. Write out the quotes from the library books;
  6. Apply the APA formatting;
  7. Finish the draft;
  8. Do the proofreading (grammar, spelling, punctuation);
  9. Send the final copy





Apply the APA formatting

Set the list of the offline sources;

Choose and approve the topic

Finish the draft

Write out the quotes from the library books

Come up with the essay structure

Do the proofreading (grammar, spelling, punctuation);  


Set the list of the online sources

Send the final copy



Depending on your self-discipline and timing, you may regulate the number of your cards. Not a fan of digital task managers? Buy some sticky notes and make your new Kanban routine fun!

  1. Delegate.

If you have at least one-month experience at college, you could’ve already noticed that some of the college assignments seem to be unnecessary. How unfair - you still have to dedicate time to writing that essay on management even though studying a Chemistry major! One of the options is to Edubirdie online from someone, who has more time and expertise than you. When you buy any of your homework from essays online, you save some time for rather meaningful assignments that do contribute to your qualification.

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  1. Communicate.

We can just imagine how skeptic you got at this point! In fact, talking to your teachers and peers is one of the techniques that will provide you with real-life cases, extra information, and fresh ideas for dealing with your homework. If there is a dilemma you cannot solve - ask for a recommendation. This way, you’ll have more instructions and examples, and let’s all agree - this equipment is crucial when it comes to doing your homework in Canada.

  1. Determine your learning style.

The whole world is divided into three types: people who remember what they see, hear, or feel. Respectively, three major learning styles take their origin from the way people perceive information. Relying on the way you learn new information, you may adapt new effective habits to be used not just at college, but at work and social interactions as well.

Here are some facts about VAK you have to know before conducting further research:


  • 80% of the population;
  • Have to watch live seminars and lectures;
  • Better work with the handouts, videos, PowerPoints, and other visual aids;
  • Pay attention to writing, making notes, and highlighting important data;
  • Will rather remember charts, diagrams, and tables instead of bare text.


  • 15% of the population;
  • Prefer silence since prefer reading out loud or at least move their lips;
  • Actively engage in dialogues about their homework with their professors and peers;
  • Love group activities during the classes;
  • Learn by listening.


  • 5% of the population;
  • More kids than adults prefer this learning style due to moving and touching as the main tools;
  • Have to visualize complex task with the help of different tools (markets, pencils, highlighters);
  • Better use more than one notebook for one subject for segmenting their notes by more categories.

Even though some of these tips might seem cheap and cheesy to some of you, they do work for most of the college students. Let’s all agree, all is fair in love, war, and trying to survive in college. Again, the hardest challenge is to begin working on your assignment. So don’t postpone it to the last minute, and may the odds be in your favor!

Linda Heard