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For many young people, becoming a college freshman is the start of being treated as an adult. This can be challenging and nerve-wracking as students are entering unfamiliar territory with so many unanswered questions. Which one should I go to? Am I good enough to pass the entrance exams? What am I missing? You are not alone as millions all over the world ask these very same questions as they enter the next defining phase in their lives that will determine their future.

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Where to start?

This simple question is a hurdle that seems insurmountable for some people and this article can point you in the right direction rather than leave you stuck.

This simple question is a hurdle that seems insurmountable for some people and this article can point you in the right direction rather than leave you stuck. Below are five of the most practical ways to start your freshman year in college with as little trouble as possible.

Your highschool is there to help you

The school you are currently in actually has programs in place to guide you toward this next stage in your education and it will do you well to take full advantage of them. Most schools have counselors and career path programs to help narrow down and pinpoint what your college focus study is going to be. The very first step of your journey should be to get to know your high school counselor and have a talk with them regarding how you will choose your college. This is also the ideal time to start working on a plan together with the counselor to decide how you will be tackling the next four years of your college life.

Start researching your preferred colleges

In your senior year, you might have your eye on several different colleges such as the American International College, or any other college for that matter and an important part of your preparation would be to do research the requirements for each prospective college. This is the part where you consider the cost, its distance to your current residence, and what you need to study in order to pass its entrance exams.

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Prepare yourself for tests

The entrance exam is a hurdle that everyone needs to clear before being accepted into a college institution. Have the foresight to actively prepare yourself for a barrage of exams either by reviewing or taking mock exams. You can have this done with the help of friends, tutors, your parents or any method that works for you. The important thing is to make this an important part of your preparation.

Do an actual visitation

It is a great idea to go and experience the feel of your prospective campus before making the commitment. Some might be different than they appear in their brochure and your expectations may not be fulfilled when you actually set foot on their campus. There is nothing more revealing than walking on the actual grounds and being physically present to find out what the 'vibe' of the place is really like.

Start the application process early on

Chances are you already know that you are going to pursue college early on in your senior year. This knowledge should prompt you to start applying for those prospective colleges you have been keeping an eye on and to get an early start. Most colleges, as part of their elimination process, have very strict deadlines, and knowing them and preparing ahead of time will ensure that you make their deadlines for submitting your application papers.

Entering college, like any major undertaking, is all about preparation. Our list is not comprehensive but paying attention to just one or two would dramatically improve your chances of getting into the college of your choice.

Kelly Reed