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Intel knows how difficult it can be for gamers to play together online and not have someone spoil it by using offensive language. Thanks to Bleep, by Intel, it’s now possible to completely censor bad language. Bleep has been developed in a partnership with another company and right now it is in Beta mode. The prototype was created just over two years ago, and it is able to censor hate speech in real-time. This can be done during gameplay and it’s a fantastic advancement in the gaming community to say the least. The software is able to bleep when offensive language is spoken and this is fantastic.

Intel’s Developments

If you login to a Canadian online casino as a means of playing a game of live roulette or poker for example, you will know that it is possible to talk with others online. Although the gambling community isn’t known for using wildly offensive language, it would seem that console gaming is a different story. The main reason for this is because it is focused on a younger generation and therefore attracts a different form of communication. Intel have taken the time to speak to gamers about the needs that they have, and they have also addressed the dark side of gaming.

Although the gambling community isn’t known for using wildly offensive language, it would seem that console gaming is a different story.

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This is really revolving around the online toxicity that is taking place. Across the board, and even across the globe, it would seem that players are continually experiencing online harassment by a small minority of people. Some 22% of people have also admitted that they no longer play games because they have had a negative experience in the past.

Meet Bleep

Intel wants to do everything they can to try and address the issue and even though the issue is not new, it’s safe to say that it is now becoming a huge part of the gaming community. It’s attracting a lot of attention and it would seem that the 40-minute video that has been created has since gone viral. People are now able to choose between some, most, all or none. This will filter out racial slurs, misogyny and even xenophobia as well. The intent of this has always been to try and put a level of nuanced control into the hands of the users. When you look at Marcus Kennedy, you will soon see that he is the general manager of the gaming division. He has since told the Polygon team over video chat that you can shift the program depending on the situation. In some situations, a bit of hate talk may be acceptable as it could be done in a very playful way. When it is done between friends, there may not be anything wrong with this but at the end of the day, what isn’t acceptable is when a stranger is shouting words at you.

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This tech is going to be aimed at the gaming community, but it would not be surprising to see it being used in other industries, too. Only time will tell though.