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Commercial cleaning is just like any other industry. It comes with risks that could potentially lead to lawsuits. Whether you only have one employee or a dozen, getting and staying insured should be one of your main priorities. There are many reasons companies that provide cleaning services to commercial, industrial and residential clients should be insured. You will find out exactly what these reasons are if you read this article in full.

Commercial Cleaners

Prevent Financial Loss

Just a minor accident could incur thousands of dollars in damage, all of which you will have to pay out-of-pocket.

An accident can occur without a moment’s notice. In fact, you or one of your employees could be involved in an accident within the next few minutes. On top of that, those accidents could cause damage or injuries. Whatever the case may be, you will be responsible for the damage caused by you and all of your employees. Just a minor accident could incur thousands of dollars in damage, all of which you will have to pay out-of-pocket. If you are covered by a decent insurance policy at the time of the accident, you get by only paying a few hundred dollars or nothing at all.

It Is A Law

No company wants to spend more than necessary just to stay afloat. Well, without cleaning insurance coverage, you will not have a business at all. Most states require all commercial and residential cleaning services to obtain different coverage before their business licensed are granted. So, if you are not insured and providing cleaning services to the public, you are breaking the law. Get covered within minutes online or any local insurance office.

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Earns More Customers

Consumers are very weary about hiring companies that are not insured. In fact, many will refuse to do business with uninsured businesses, even if they are the only one of their kind. Most consumers will ask for proof of insurance before they agree to sign a contract. Getting insured will not only ensure you keep your current customers, but also help you gain more. So, if you are interested in growing your customer base, it is vital that you get covered.

Protects Investments

Every cleaning company has a long list of equipment that they work with on a daily basis. This equipment could include vacuums, steam cleaners and pressure washers, all of which cost a hefty price As mentioned above, an accident could lead to third-party injury and property damage. Well, it could also damage your equipment and tools. And, as you know it will be impossible to continue operating without the proper equipment. Without insurance, you will be forced to replace and pay for the equipment from your business account. If you are covered by a decent insurance policy, you will have to pay very little or nothing at all.

Protects Employees

Liability insurance is a must for all cleaning companies. This type of policy can protect you, your employees and companies from financial loss associated with third-party claims and lawsuits. Liability insurance offers financial protection by covering settlements and judgments. Lawsuits have been known to cause companies to lay off their employees and even shutter their doors permanently.

Cathy Carter