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Most clients are wondering if they can return the item after buying. This is the reason why some of them have doubts and postpone shopping for better times. If, when you come home, you suddenly find yourself disappointed with the purchase you just made, remember that in the vast majority of cases the item can be returned to the store.

Consumer Tips

In this article, Chris Miller (editor from tells us how to return the item and get your money back. So, you could deliver back the things of proper quality to the store (or exchange it for another similar one), if the following conditions are met:

  • it is not in the list of the goods, which are not the subject of exchange and returning;
  • it has not been used, and remained in the initial form;
  • less than 30 days have passed since the purchase;
  • you have a receipt or shipping certificate available.

So, if you meet the above requirements, the lawmaker is on your side and you could easily get a refund. But, there are still some exceptions.

Non-refundable Goods

The state protects the interests of all its citizens, so in order not to violate the rights of other buyers who acquire the goods after you, the lawmakers approved the list of goods of proper quality, which are not subjects of return. Therefore, before to ask for it, make sure that the item doesn’t belong to this group of items:

  • food and drinks;
  • tobacco;
  • medicines of proper quality;
  • medical instruments and sanitary items;
  • bedding and underwear;
  • cosmetics;
  • perfumes;
  • manicure and pedicure tools, etc.

There are also some goods, which are regulated by a product-specific return policy. For example, jewelry, accessories, or watches can be fully or partially-refundable, which is defined by the condition of the items. You can get 100% of the cost if the item is unworn and in excellent condition. If it has any cosmetic defects, damaged original box, missing original certificates, tags, or manuals, you can expect to get a partially-refund up to 80%, which is defined in every certain case.

Algorithm of Actions How to Get Back Your Money for Goods

Under the conditions of a refund of goods of proper quality, the client must perform several actions:

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1) Contact the seller and fill in an application for a refund. As a rule, the store has a standard form in which you have to specify some personal data;

2) Take back the purchased goods in full packaging and with the complete set of labels, tags, and manuals;

3) Provide a receipt confirming the purchase.

It is possible to receive back your money for shoes or clothes or exchange them for another item if it has not been used and returned in the initial condition. The procedure for exchanging and returning household appliances, especially large ones (a refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, etc.), has several peculiarities. In particular, if during the delivery of the item you realized that it does not suit you (does not fit to the interior or the color/size is not appropriate), you can send it back. However, you will have to pay for the delivery of equipment.

What Is the Warranty Term?

The warranty period is the time during which you can return defective goods to the store or the seller/performer/manufacturer takes measures to repair or replace it for free. The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase. According to the law, it must be noted in the warranty certificate, on the label, or in another document that is applied to the item.

If you have used the gadget and it has been broken within the warranty period, feel free to contact the store. You will be explained who carries out warranty repairs — the store, manufacturer, or service center. Show a document confirming the purchase of goods. It can be a receipt, technical passport, or another document with the date of sale. If the item is broken due to your fault, you can lose the right to warranty service.

In the case of products, whose consumer properties may change over time and become dangerous to life and health, the shelf life of the item must be indicated on labels, packaging, or other documents attached to it at the time of sale. The expiration date is calculated from the date of manufacture, which must also be indicated on the label or in other documents.

Remember, that knowing your rights is the first step to a successful result. Always keep the recipes of purchases in safe, because it protects your consumer rights in full. Do not forget to check the list of non-refundable items to make sure you can return certain things and have a nice purchase!