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Did you know that facing criminal charges poses you with criminal records that can impact your entire life? Criminal records shows you have a terrible past in which anyone can fall victim. All humans are bound to make mistakes from time to time. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can lead to legal problems. With a criminal record, you will have complicated life in many ways, since the records stick as your representation of your past behaviors. There's a legal process for the expungement of criminal records, yet, it is still advisable to seek criminal defense lawyers whenever you face charges that will likely lead to a criminal record. They will help you in an argument in court. For example, the Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia has great lawyers who can help you lower the severity of your sentence.

You have a high chance of negatively affecting your life with a criminal history as you face the following consequences.

Employment difficulties

Before hiring new workers, employees conduct a background check or request applicants to submit their criminal records on their applications. With a criminal record, you may find it hard to obtain gainful employment, especially if you have to work with a vulnerable population, like children and the aged. Also, never attempt to lie about your criminal records because that alone is another offense that can lead you to job termination or facing the law one more time.

Inability to get housing

If you rely on renting, many landlords seek criminal records for their tenants' security purposes. A bad history in the book of your past deeds can be a red flag to secure a house since most landlords will decline your rental application. No tenant will be comfortable living with a criminal in the same area, meaning you will need to move several times.

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Denied child custody

Are you divorced and have children with your previous wife? Your chances of losing custody of your children are high. Be sure to be on the wrong side if you have a history of domestic violence. Chances of being trusted by children will be lower because, in some ways, you have or will be toxic in that line. After all, kids need to grow up in a peaceful and lovable environment.

Harsh penalties

If you face criminal charges for a crime conducted in your past, you may get assigned harsher penalties like increased fines and jail terms.

Travel ban

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With criminal records, it is hard to travel to other countries. Regardless of how important it is for you to travel, you now have to deal with the consequences of your criminal records, since many countries overseas conduct criminal record checks before offering you a visa. The above life limitations show how vital it is to keep your criminal records clean. Therefore, anytime you are charged with any criminal offense, ensure to seek the best defense to get the best conviction or a lesser potential sentence. Like the criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia, getting the best attorney for your criminal charges will convince the court to drop the charges set against you. Or better yet, the lawyers will work harder to represent your side of the story by gathering evidence to develop a compelling defense.