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Crypto Joints Looks to Advance Cannabis Research via an NFT Drop

The NFT collection will also include a royalty program for NFT minters to generate passive income.
Crypto Joints

Innovative groups and entrepreneurs come up with all sorts of inventive ways to leverage the NFT space to launch fundraising initiatives. For example, one recent collection called Crypto Joints has launched an effort to finance a research facility that will expand medical Cannabis uses in the coming days and start a whole new revolution around CBD and other hemp products.

Looking to target a young and open-minded group of investors, company owners, holders and traders, the Crypto Joint NFT collection has set up a set of offers that will generate all kinds of value for its community. A lineup of gifts generated via secondary sales will go out to its mint community as the company hits certain milestones. In addition, the founding team looks to give ten percent of the profits to their envisioned facility for Cannabis research.

The NFT collection will also include a royalty program for NFT minters to generate passive income.

The NFT collection will also include a royalty program for NFT minters to generate passive income. “We believe the Crypto Joints collection is an interesting option compared to the current NFT market,” shares one of the founders. “The fact that it offers a loyalty program gives an added value to the token, increasing its value over time not only because of what it would be worth as NFT.”

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By launching a project that aims for community support and sustainability, the Crypto Joints team hopes to develop token longevity. In addition, the team hopes that the project will generate revenue for its holders and the company to help create a robust win-win system that will ensure that the company keeps pooling funds for Cannabis research.

At the core of the Crypto Joints NFT project is a value for the community. Over 80% of the secondary sales profits will go back to royalties and prizes and rewards to its followers. The company will start a whole array of giveaways to its decentralized collection of holders from the launch. It has prepared over 130 prizes worth 1 Ethereum each to the holder community, ensuring viability and long-term success.

Non-fungible tokens have been the talk of the town for a good portion of 2021. Although the blockchain-based technology has technically been around for a few years, its popularity skyrocketed this year, with many artists, developers, and entrepreneurs launching their own NFT collections. While not all projects become huge successes, those that do end up generating millions of dollars while also helping their community make billions more. These non-fungible tokens rely on a blockchain ecosystem as founder groups attach unique artwork to cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana, or Polygon then build strong decentralized groups around them.

The NFT movement has also brought a strong push into metaverse and Web3 applications. Crypto Joints hopes to leverage these developments to help sustain the Cannabis industry, another fast-growing market that lacks research and standardization. The benefits of Cannabis Sativa for medical purposes have long been a proven fact. Still, researchers have barely scratched the surface regarding the use cases and possibly life-altering benefits that the natural product has.

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5,000 Crypto Joints will become available on December 29 at 5 PM GMT-5 and will exist within the Polygon network. Learn more about CryptoJoints by visiting its website. Follow its Instagram and Twitter account to see some of its unique characters. Check out the community on OpenSea for the latest updates on its projects.