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CS: GO is extremely popular. Statistics say that the number of its monthly players reaches whopping 24 million users! The number of concurrent players exceed 1 million – that’s a huge figure.

While most play for fun, some have already found their place among CS:GO professional players. Have you ever seen them play? If yes, then you’ve probably noticed how often they switch their weapons. Some people don’t care about that. But some think that’s very annoying and have no idea what’s the point of constantly switching from gun to knife and vice versa.

In this post, we’ll try to explain the reasons for such a habit of CS:GO players. So if you are ready to know the truth, make yourself comfortable and continue reading.

CS:GO Players

Enhancing the Game

Enhancing the mechanics of the game is one of the common reasons the best CSGO players switch weapons. Knowing all the peculiarities of the game, they know exactly how they can benefit from this action.

The effectiveness of changing from the gun to the knife and back is a proven fact in some instances. Yet, there are some controversies as well. Let’s find out who is right and who is wrong.

Switching for Speed

If you have a look at the speed values of the character with different types of weapons in their hands, you’ll see that they are not the same. Running with an AWP, one can develop a speed of 200 units per second maximum. But what if you need to get to the destination faster? There is a way out.

cs go 2

In CS: GO, the highest speed values of 250 units per second can be developed if you run holding a knife or a bomb. The players use this advantage to reach the point faster. This is probably the one and only 100% proven benefit of switching weapons.

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A Way to Scope out Fast

If you want to pull out from scoping-in quickly, you just need to switch the weapons. If you don’t do this, you’ll be back to where you’ve ended after the previous shot as soon as your AWP reloads.

It Speeds up the AWP Reload

cs go 3

Some players use a quick switch to cancel the reload animation. They think it speeds up the AWP reload. Still, switching the weapons for this aim doesn’t always sound like a good idea. Why? While staying in a gunfight, it’s crucial to be ready to shoot at any moment. Switching to the knife “steals” the precious seconds, making you vulnerable to the bullets of terrorists or counter-terrorists, whoever your enemies are.

Psychological Side of the Issue

Along with some game improvements, quick-switching the weapons play another, we would say, a crucial role for the professional players. It calms down their nerve while allowing them to keep their brain concentrated and ready for action.

Professional CS:GO tournament prize pools reach dozens of millions of dollars. The responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the top players is huge. Naturally, this makes them feel tense and on the edge. They can’t take a break to unwind and clear their mind. The only thing they have at their disposal is the keyboard. So, it’s no surprise they press the Q button to switch the weapons whether they actually need them or not.

cs go

Another reason to quick-switch from gun to knife and back to a gun is to keep concentrated. In the freeze time, players are limited in their movement for some 10 – 15 seconds. Such a long gap in the overall active gameplay is enough to lose concentration and don’t react to the surrounding circumstances properly within the first seconds after the freeze time is over.

By changing the weapons, the gamers make their brain “stay in the game”. Due to this, they are always ready to continue fighting.

The Opposite Side of the Medal

When analyzing the reasons why players switch weapons all the time, it becomes clear that in most cases, there is no need to do that. It’s just a bad habit, which often works against a gamer. Have you ever watched pros being killed in the game just because they were switching the weapons at the wrong time in the wrong place? Well, such cases are not isolated.

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The higher the level of the player is, the less often you can see them switching the gun to the knife. Do you know why? Because they’ve reached the level where they’ve analyzed their past mistakes and made the right conclusions.