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Millions of people have been forced to evacuate their homes throughout the world due to conflict, climate change, or natural disasters. As the worldwide need for housing, food, and medical assistance grows, new technological advancements—drones, 3D printing, digital identification, and virtual reality among them—are beginning to address some of these significant problems. Other notable contributions include the inventions of Duplicent (, an innovative company created by entrepreneur Curren Krasnoff.

Curren, whose vision for Duplicent is for it to advance humanitarian efforts, explains his technology as not just a business opportunity but a vital step in making life easier and safer for all humans. To that end, Duplient has developed disruptive technologies in the fields of energy, vehicles, cloud computing, computer memory, phones, aviation, and earthquake mitigation, and other sectors. Here are some ways in which Duplicent is adding to humanitarian efforts.

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Energy Conservation

Curren reports that Duplicent's Rotational Engine saves energy due to its circular shape. The pistons do not start and stop and travel back and forth as they do in a regular engine, but instead rotate around a circular ring, conserving energy via the rules of centripetal motion. Energy is saved, while the engine’s improved efficiency uses less fuel and produces more power. How? Fuel is injected into a ring of linked and expanding chambers, each of which can expand in only one direction; thus, when the fuel is ignited, the chambers expand in that direction, propelling the pistons around the ring and also moves them in the same direction around the ring.


Vehicle Safety

Duplicent’s Road Brake is designed to improve braking speeds in an emergency. A flat rubber pad mounted beneath a vehicle activates to quickly reduce the speed of a vehicle by lowering the rubber pad to the surface of the road, causing friction with the pavement. The braking surface of the Road Brake, more than three times the surface area of the four tires put together, has a greater stopping power than those four tires. Deployed in less than half a second when the vehicle brake is fully extended, the Road Brake causes minimal harm to the road due to its rubber bottom and can be retracted after each usage, its low profile rendering it invisible under the car during normal driving.

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The Rotor Brake from Duplicent enhances braking force by enabling two rotors to move outwards and push back against the brake pads as each corresponding brake pad is pressed against each rotor.


Safety is one of the focuses of Duplicent. Curren is motivated to invent devices and technology that helps make the world a better place.

Duplicent is also working on other technologies in various development stages. Cloud computing architectures, energy technologies, earthquake mitigation technologies, aircraft, computer memory technologies, and phones are among the other technologies for which Duplicent has filed patents.