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For what now feels like eons, we have been stuck in our homes. This has forced many to search for entertainment online, with thousands finding their thrill in watching and predicting sports. But, there is a significant difference between Daily Fantasy and sports betting, but in the approach and the mechanics.

From the outside, it might seem that both are simply betting on the result, but even a novice will notice that the teams in DFS are not the same as in real life. Namely, unlike sports betting where you bet on the entire team, in fantasy sports, you make your own team.

This makes three key differences if you want to bet on Daily Fantasy Sports:

  1. You will need to follow more games
  2. Higher importance of individual performance
  3. Strategy plays a huge role

There is a misconception that team performance and the quality of the squads your fantasy players are playing are not important.

But, there is a misconception that team performance and the quality of the squads your fantasy players are playing are not important. In fact, it can spell doom if the player you believe is better than the odds isn’t able to find their place in the team, as it lowers their individual points.

Both Are Fun

Both daily fantasy and sports betting are fun, and they should be viewed as nothing more than entertainment. Similar to old-fashioned gambling, if you are playing for the thrills and not the cash you will come out on top all the time, at least emotionally.

That being said your skill and knowledge do play a part in how well you will do in both. If you are familiar with stats and how the teams should play and follow that information carefully, you might catch a chance to make a bet with better odds than the house, especially for DFS.

On the other hand, take into account that you are not playing against someone randomly giving numbers. Both the betting houses and the DFS operators have the topmost experts on their side, and they are the people to beat in every competition.

Regardless, until we are able to ensure mass immunity and get back to having fun outside, these are excellent options for anyone involved who loves sports and likes playing the odds.

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Advantages of Daily Fantasy Sports

The biggest advantage of DFS over regular sports betting is that you are not bound to a single team. Either because you don’t have a favorite or want to follow the entire league, it is sometimes better and more exciting to play like this.

Those who follow only a single team tend to lose interest if the said team drops out or gets on a losing streak. But, if you are following a dozen teams or more you will always have someone to cheer for.

The legal aspect is not always clear as some state legislators believe that DFS is aimed at kids, but you can see everything in more detail here if you are interested in DFS California options.

Scalable in Difficulty

Daily Fantasy Sports are more complex than sports betting from the start. But, that doesn’t mean that playing is difficult. Simply starting with the favorites is totally okay if you are a beginner and only want to test the waters a bit.

This isn’t the best way to make the big bucks and the players you will choose are already predicted to be good, but it is a good way to learn what stats you need to follow and maybe develop a keen eye to spot a good future player.

Advantages of Sports Betting

Most people are more emotionally tied to a certain team or teams from the same area playing different sports. For those, it is much more exciting to bet on how their favorite team will perform than to focus on individuals.

Individual players and newcomers to the team are always important, but cohesion is what matters the most. Regardless of the sport, most people usually bet on winning or losing, and that is always done as a joint effort.

Scalable in Complexity

For the longest time betting houses restricted the types of bets you can make on the game because it was difficult for them to ensure their edge every time. But, now that we have online options it is possible to significantly increase the complexity of your games.

Depending on which sport you are focusing on, there can be dozens of options and thousands of possibilities for systems on the ticket.

United in the Love of Sports

Sports are, in many ways, the great equalizer between people. While not entirely removed from economics and politics, in the end, the only thing that matters is that you can score more points than the other group.

And this should be the approach for fans as well. All sports are valid and we should strive to expand our horizons. And, there isn’t a better time than when you are stuck in your home anyway.

Whether you are playing DFS or betting traditionally if you are enjoying yourself and supporting the players on the field you are bringing in more good into the world, which is something we should all strive for.