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Everyone has a few bad habits. Maybe they leave the toilet seat up, which is annoying or they are obsessed about having a clean home. However, when your habit can affect your health or even put you at a greater risk of early death, it's time to take control and eliminate it.

Dangerous Habits

Smoking Cigarettes

There aren't many things more harmful than smoking cigarettes. Yet despite the warnings, people still smoke. That's because smoking can become a part of your very existence.

There aren't many things more harmful than smoking cigarettes. Yet despite the warnings, people still smoke. That's because smoking can become a part of your very existence. For example, if you have a tough day at the office, you light up. You have a drink after work at the bar, you light up. You have your morning coffee and you light up. It's a crutch that offers stress relief and it's an addiction that's difficult to overcome. The good news is that there are prescriptions available that can reduce your cravings and nicotine patches and gum and even vape juices through companies such as that can help reduce your level of nicotine slowly. You can also get nicotine prescriptions in Australia.

Prescription Drugs

Doctors often prescribe prescription drugs such as opioids, to alleviate pain and relax people suffering from an injury. Unfortunately, opioids are highly addictive, and if a doctor prescribes them for any length of time, they can be difficult to stop using. As a result, people become hooked on the euphoric feeling and will go to any length to keep them on hand. Getting them on the black market is a dangerous practice. And, the misuse on a daily basis results in building a tolerance to the medication where you now need more to get the same high feeling, which can lead to a possible overdose and even death. Getting professional help is crucial if you or a loved one has an opioid addiction problem.


Nearly one-third of the population in the United States is overweight. The predominant cause is overeating but fast food chains with super-sized meals are only a part of the blame. Technology which drastically reduces your activity is another part of the problem. Obesity will affect your health and wellbeing. Your body is not able to support the extra weight causing preventable problems with mobility. Being overweight can also lead to chronic health conditions and diseases including sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney and heart disease and some types of cancer.

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Compulsive Shopping

Just like abusing alcohol or drugs, compulsive shopping is a disease. When a person shops, they can get a feeling of being high, which makes them happy and satisfied. However, when they return home, the feeling quickly changes to anxiety or depression, especially if they spend more than they can afford. In most cases, compulsive shoppers can't control themselves, they must shop. It's a way to relieve their stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately, even when they run out of money, they find ways to get more, often by overdrawing their bank account. This can lead to a lifetime of poor credit, and missed opportunities like owning a home. And, it will also affect your health due to the stress of poor finances.

Alcohol Abuse

Nobody starts out addicted to alcohol. It's something that happens gradually as you increase your daily intake. Unfortunately, socialized drinking with friends often leads to becoming an alcoholic. Alcohol impairs your judgment and slows your reflexes. Driving a vehicle under the influence can cause harm to you, loved ones and others on the road, plus it's illegal. Over time, alcohol can cause serious damage to the body. It can cause high blood pressure, liver or heart disease, and even a stroke.

Habits are something you pick up during the course of your life. However, bad habits, that can affect your quality of life and those you love, are something you should use every means available to quit. If you fail the first time, it's ok, just keep trying until you achieve success.

Justin Weinger