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Platon Life founders, Daniel and Julia Tanner, are developing an interactive program to teach people what cryptocurrency is and how they can use it.

"We're giving a chance to people in this new digital era to become something and create something," said Julia, "This is an important legacy because there's not many educational things and some people may not have the money for it. They don't realize there's a platform like ours for them to grow knowledge."

Platon Life is a digital ecosystem combining different features and tools to help people understand and use blockchain and cryptocurrency. A central European fintech startup introducing digital currency to both the general public and companies through a user-friendly secure platform. It's a membership-based system with a free option that connects people to an education and training program that starts with the very basics of crypto and digital currency; dedicated to creating a sharing digital economy, helping people of all generations move the world forward and build resources for future generations. Every time a member completes a level, they get PlatonCoin (a crypto currency based and built on blockchain) to spend or invest as a reward. With Platon Life, Daniel and Julia's goal is to show people how digital currency can make a real difference. How digital coins can be used in different ways to benefit those in need. They want to create a mass community that will support and help each other and talk about the progress they've made. They're even preparing animations for children to learn.

Daniel has an extensive background in business management and entrepreneurship starting his own business at the age of 18. While Julia studied diplomacy, she is originally from Russia, and grew up within a family full of business owners, architects and engineers.

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"We were really struggling,” Julia said, "We tried to think of something that would be the future and what the future would be for our children. We want to leave a legacy, so one day we came across crypto currencies."

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She continued, “Daniel came home and gave me the idea that there's digital money and it looks interesting. This is not something people understand because no one is teaching it. If you're going to do something high tech and financial, then you have to teach people what it is. We started brainstorming and the Platon Life started to lift. Now, it's not only the PlatonCoin, but the whole ecosystem behind it and the background."

To learn more about Platon Life as well as the husband-and-wife duo, go to their website at