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David Ferrugio

With a marketing degree from a college in Philadelphia, David Ferrugio has always been passionate about content creation as he had the skill to turn any serious or monotonous content into something interesting through his unique ways. 

David’s main tool was to create scripted comedy videos, where he would use humor to narrate an entertaining story to help sell houses.

After David came to Los Angeles, he spent his first few years striving to learn from different startups. He worked wherever he felt he had an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience to start his own business. As a result, soon he was ready to launch his own Real Estate business. Here he used his creativity to market his work that helped his business stand out from the saturated market in the field. David’s main tool was to create scripted comedy videos, where he would use humor to narrate an entertaining story to help sell houses. As a result, this technique not only attracted clients but also worked as a conversation starter that would help make the process of purchasing or selling a house less stressful. Therefore, with the help of this approach, David was able to work with savvy investors as well as first time home buyers in selling high end luxury homes in Los Angeles. 

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As his Real Estate business grew, David used his creativity to create a platform where he would discuss the topic of death, in a light and positive conversation so that the topic can move more towards normal, and less towards sadness. Since he had lost his father to the 9/11 incident, he wanted to approach people who had similar experiences with death, so that together they could share their unfiltered perspectives. Thus, David launched his podcast, “DEAD Talks”, where he invited a new guest in every episode. In a recent episode, “It's Me God”, he hosted Candace Cheatwood, who lost her boyfriend to testicular cancer. During the 60 minute podcast, David had a light conversation with Candace on how she stayed by her boyfriend’s side and eventually coped with the grief. Therefore, his podcasts aim to play an important role in how people can change their perspective towards death since everyone has to experience it one day or another. 

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

David’s work as content creator links back to his father’s death, which encouraged him to start his podcast, and build up his life. Thus, as a top producing realtor, hopes to grow his own real estate income property portfolio out of state while also working on his podcast so that he can increase his reach and engage more people on a topic that turned his life around.