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David Vatine

Digital marketing isn’t just a business to David Vatine. His business is very special to him because it helps him to help people. David prides in the fact that his team will do everything in their power so that their clients will succeed and fulfill their dreams. 

His advice to people who want to turn their ideas into profits is to keep making content and videos all over the web.

Unlike a lot of people that set up companies just for profit making and without any idea of how to actually provide services to clients, David is a skilled marketer and when asked if he had any particular skill sets that have enabled him to come this far in his business, he says he is skilled in developing PPC, design, sales technique, public speaking and social networking skills. His advice to people who want to turn their ideas into profits is to keep making content and videos all over the web.

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Aside from being the focused businessman that he is, David Vatine owner of David Vatine Ltd finds a way to balance his work and home life it’s because they in David in David’s life. A typical day in his life starts with waking up at 5:00 AM. He plays with his kids, takes a shower and does the same for his kids. He has his breakfast and helps in the early morning chores after which he takes his dog Walty for a walk, gets home, prepares for work and gives his wife a kiss before going to the office.

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He drives an hour to his office in Netanya with the beach view, checks the waves and sea condition and then makes the decision to either go into the office or go for his surfing session. He walks into his office every day with high energies and all the team gathers for a morning brief and updates. In the middle of the day, he checks up with marketing managers, gives them tips on how to make their work better and go ahead to have meetings with clients, create videos and content for social media and then sets meetings to discuss development of strategies for the company and for the company's clients. In the evening, David eats dinner with his family, helps his wife and gets the kids to sleep.

His favorite quote? “If you can dream it, you can do it”

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