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70% of the American electorate support medicare for all, so you would think that it is an election-winning policy for any presidential candidate. The latest round of Democratic Party presidential debates, however, suggests a party which is split on this very issue. If you are confused about which candidate is right for you, then consider whether healthcare is a deal breaker. America is the only major economy which doesn’t offer universal healthcare to citizens, free at the point of use. If you believe, like more than two thirds of the American population, that this needs to change, then read on to find out which candidates you should and shouldn’t support to be the Democratic nominee for president.

Democratic Candidates Stand on Healthcare

Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders offers more detail than anyone regarding his ambition to have single payer healthcare in the USA.

Bernie Sanders offers more detail than anyone regarding his ambition to have single payer healthcare in the USA. In fact, he is credited with popularizing the term “medicare-for-all”. In particular, he wants a higher level of government investment in medical equipment and seeks to remove private companies from providing such equipment. He has cited that government funding should be provided for replacement AED pads for defibrillators, as well as other medical devices for common health concerns: essential, life-saving equipment, he believes, is a governmental responsibility. Furthermore, specialist surgeons should be all be employed by the government.

If you want to put your faith in someone who truly believes in medicare for all, then Sanders is far and away the best candidate, but Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t be a bad choice either. She more or less subscribed to Bernie’s school of thought on this. Some accuse Warren of lacking detail in her plans, though, so you will have to look closely at any policy. In general, however, your safest bets if you believe in medicare for all are with Sanders and Warren.

Joe Biden’s Attacks On Medicare For All

One person who has disappointed voters with his rhetoric on single payer healthcare is Joe Biden. He has consistently attacked the policy, and is very unlikely to take any steps towards implementing medicare for all once in power. Biden claims that it is simply too expensive, but he doesn’t take into account the fact that the USA already spends more on healthcare than countries who use a single payer system.

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Biden thinks that his policies appeal to a moderate electorate and the majority of Americans. However, polls indicate that he is wrong. The vast majority of people want government funded healthcare, but Biden is unfortunately failing to notice this.

Tulsi Gabbard And Andrew Yang’s Middle Way

The medicare for all debate is not one sided. You may be wondering if there is a good compromise should Sanders and Warren not be nominated, but you want someone who is better on this issue than Biden. Well, Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang have both said that they support a form of single payer, but don’t go as far as either Sanders or Warren.

If you believe in medicare for all, then the choice is clear. Bernie Sanders is the most consistently in favor of universal healthcare, with a detailed plan to match. Elizabeth Warren is a respectable alternative, with candidates like Gabbard and Yang halfway to a decent healthcare policy. So-called moderates such as Biden are openly opposed to medicare for all, however, showing that they lack progressive values as well as electability.

Cindy Trillo