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Making a name for yourself in the self-improvement industry requires extensive knowledge, hard work, and incredible passion.

There is always another run of the mill influencer around the corner posting about the same boring content that has been beaten to death by the top dogs on YouTube.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish yourself from the pack with the overwhelming saturation of content in the self-improvement space.

Hustling your way through the industry and standing out as what many would consider an expert not only requires unique knowledge, but a unique presentation format.

One example of a unique creator in the space that checks off the boxes is Derek.

One example of a unique creator in the space that checks off the boxes is Derek.

Derek has stated that in his later teen years he became fascinated with optimization, not only in a sports performance context, but also in health, longevity, and even social interactions.

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His channel is basically like a turnkey guide to men’s self-improvement, but it has a very unique twist in that it digs into endocrinology, pharmacology, and other cutting-edge areas of men’s self-help that are often overlooked entirely.

Derek’s content published via his brand More Plates More Dates is essentially centered around optimizing as many areas of your life as possible.

Some of the main topics discussed include lifestyle, supplementation, nutrition, hair loss prevention, bodybuilding, hormone optimization and longevity.

He currently owns and operates Gorilla Mind, a prominent supplement company with a quickly expanding product catalog.

He also branched out into the healthcare space in 2020 with his company Marek Health.

Derek’s passion for endocrinology, biology, and product development have intertwined in a unique way that helps him bring many of his ideas to fruition as an entrepreneur.

Derek’s clientele is mostly comprised of bodybuilders, athletes, entrepreneurs and actors.

Unbeknownst to Derek, we found out he actually has a couple billionaire entrepreneurs who follow his content closely and defer to his recommendations on genetic analysis as well.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

His expertise has helped get many men on the right track in their lives, and his information on certain topics many self-improvement gurus won’t touch certainly rounds out his content and makes his platform one of the more unique ones in the industry.