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Absolutely. Each and every person has the ability, dare I say even the obligation, to take steps to protect our planet. Each and every person leaves behind some sort of footprint or impact on our environment.

If our parents always told us that we should leave a place we were invited to better than when we found it, why should our home planet be any different? Earth is the only place in the universe that we can call home.

To the best of our scientific knowledge, it could be the only place in the universe that any form of life calls home. So then doesn’t it behoove us to guard and cherish this sanctuary of natural beauty as best we can?

Why Care?

For some people, they may think that there is no reason to care. The Earth has been through rough times in the past. Whether it was meteor impacts, large volcanic activity, or other natural disasters, life can be pretty resilient.

But this is a flawed ideology. It relies on the idea that problems eventually sort themselves out. Specifically, in nature. Strong individuals survive and perpetuate the species. Evolution etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Even though the Earth has had terrible catastrophes in the past, all it takes is one that is just too much. One that you can’t hide from.

Yet we cannot rely on someone else to clean up our messes. Because even though the Earth has had terrible catastrophes in the past, all it takes is one that is just too much. One that you can’t hide from.

One disaster that would change Earth so dramatically that only the extremophile species could live here. Sure, life would live on. But, Earth would lose one of the most precious things it has.

Earth would lose the only sapient beings we know of in the universe. It would lose us. Even if other life continued on living, what would it matter? Animals and plants are beings of instinct and nature. Are they really much different from any other natural phenomena?

If there are no people to appreciate the Earth, to see it in all of its glory. To live on it and understand it. To appreciate it. Then what does it matter? The universe doesn’t care whether we are here or not. We care if the universe is here though.

There is an old religious proverb in Judaism about Adam. The man they call the first person. It says that after Adam was made, God brought him around the Garden of Eden, and showed him the beauty of nature.

God then tells Adam that it is him and his descendants' job to protect nature. That we should be careful not to destroy what the story says God gave humanity. God then tells Adam that if he and his descendants do destroy the environment, that he should beware. There will be nobody after him to pick up the pieces.

Whether you are religious or not, I find this short story to be a profound realization about human existence. We are all that there is. As I said before, humanity might as well be the only form of intelligent life in the universe.

If we do not realize just how special we are, and the planet we live on, then we are doomed. We could be the only beings in existence that can comprehend and appreciate the fact that there is a universe, and to squander that ignoring how we treat the Earth and just spending our day playing at the Playcroco online casino would be an egregious act.

Even if none of that convinced you to care about our planet, maybe this will. I personally rather like living. Experiencing things is quite nice, and being not dead is rather pleasant.

If you also enjoy being not dead, then I suggest you help secure that future for yourself and your children. I doubt we are all going to die, but the quality of life is certainly going to decrease if we keep polluting the planet.

What Can You Do?

A lot of people seem to focus a lot on the big picture. They go to protests or rallies, and try to petition the people in charge to push a change for the better from the top down. As is true with almost any movement, this is the wrong way to go about it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is vitally important that we do try to push for top down changes. Many people won’t conform to the safest, or healthiest ways to do certain things unless forced to by the government or some sort of pressure by the people.

Specifically, corporations I am talking about. Many may talk about loving the environment, but with the same breath they have no problems laughing as they dump industrial byproducts into rivers or swamps in some poor developing country.

So, I reiterate, it is vitally important to get the people in charge to push for having a “greener” and healthier environment. We need laws to push the greedy people to follow the path that is right, not the one that is gold.

However, this is a long and arduous process. Petitioning the government to actually get change to take place takes a lot of vocal people to push for it. This means, you need to have a lot of normal people who want to protect the environment.

So, you need to convince the average person that they should want to not only support having a more healthy environment, but to also want to fight to get that healthy environment for themselves and their families.

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So, what are the few most important issues and how can you get people who are maybe indifferent to care about those issues?

The first issue I hear come up a lot is greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically from the burning of fossil fuels for energy. This is an incredibly important issue that probably has one of the widest, and hardest to see, consequences.

So, what is a solution that people would want to push for in order to lower carbon emissions? The answer is Nuclear Power.

What makes nuclear power better than fossil fuels? Aren’t nuclear reactors dangerous and radioactive??

No. When a lot of people hear even a whisper of the word “nuclear” or “radiation,” they get terrified. They think about Fukushima and Chernobyl and assume nuclear power plants are essentially bombs that we are holding back from exploding by the skin of our teeth.

Although in a physics sense this may be partially true, it is far from the full truth. Nuclear power has come leaps and bounds in the last one hundred years. Modern power plants are incredibly safe both operationally and in terms of radiation.

People who build nuclear reactors are well aware of the risks radioactive substances pose. So, they engineer them in a way to mitigate those risks. Power plants are shielded to prevent radiation leakage, they are well maintained, and modern plants have systems in place that can prevent a reactor from ever being physically able to melt down.

The only negative to nuclear power is what do we do with the spent fuel rods? Well, there are programs for the safe disposal of spent rods all across the world. In Europe, there are entire underground facilities made to store and seal away spent fuel rods until they can break down into safer elements through radioactive decay.

A nuclear power plant is only dangerous if we do not regulate them. Therefore, so long as we push for the proper auditing and maintenance of these plants, we will not have to worry about the dangers they may pose if they are not built properly.

Now, then the question may arise, why not just use renewable energy? Isn’t renewable energy completely safe rather than essentially safe? Well, yes, but it has other problems.

Renewable energy is rather inefficient, doesn’t work all the time, and takes up large amounts of space. Just think about how big wind and solar farms are.

According to the American Office of Nuclear Power, nuclear power has the highest capacity factor out of any form of power generation. Capacity Factor is what percentage of the time a given power generation system is producing the maximum amount of power it can.

Nuclear power outputs it’s maximum amount of power about 93% of the time (Also according to the Office of Nuclear Energy). In contrast, wind only outputs its maximum power output around 35.4% of the time. Solar? A measly 24.9%

Remember, a wind farm only produces power when the wind blows, and a solar plant only produces power when the sun shines. A nuclear power plant produces power any time it has a reaction going.

This means nuclear power is far more reliable, and far more applicable to many more places around the world. Think about it. How would a solar farm work in the far north if the sun may not shine brightly for months on end?

We need a stable power generation system that can provide power no matter what the conditions are like outside. This means there will be less power outages if too many people draw a lot of power, and there will be more electricity (for cheaper) to go around.

And that is the crux of the argument for why people should push for nuclear power. Efficient, reliable, stable, clean, cheap energy. All of these combine to make nuclear power the best form of energy generation we have. Even if you don’t care about the environment (Or your own health for goodness sake), who doesn’t want to see their electric bill go down?

One more topic I will talk about is plastics. People seem to have all the wrong ideas when it comes to plastics. The simple fact is, plastic is just too useful and perfect of a material for what it does to get rid of.

It is too necessary in too many applications. So, until people can find alternative materials to replace plastics, we should focus more on the places plastics are unnecessary rather than on getting rid of plastic as a whole.

Specifically, I am talking about disposable utensils and dishes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 2 MILLION pounds of plastic cups and dishes are made each year.

Obviously, these are then disposed of into the garbage when they are finished being used. Think about how many plastic utensils and dishes you use when you go out.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Nuclear power may be an issue to push for from everyone, but plastic is an issue you can take upon yourself. Don’t use disposable dishes. There is no need. Bring along reusables when you go out, and just store them in a bag to take home.

All of that plastic is going to end up in the environment eventually. Is it really worth it to sacrifice the planet for a little convenience?