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Diabetic Test Strips

What Are The Benefits To Selling My Unused Diabetic Test Strips?

Selling your unused diabetic test strips for cash online is a great way to get rid of those boxes and get some spending money in your pocket. It is easy, effective, and efficient.

Get Extra Cash

Extra cash in your pocket means extra fancy dinners and moments with your family. Everyone can use a little walking around money in case there is a tough month of bills or medical expenses. You should be able to take control of your expenses and live knowing you have the chance to get some cash fast.

De-Clutter Your House

Those boxes are probably sitting in drawers, taking space on shelves, or cluttering up counter space. You probably would love to get rid of them. The best way and best motivation to move those boxes is to get paid to do it.

Help Other People

The medical resale market has been around for a long time and has helped countless people. It offers medical supplies at a discount price so that people don’t have to pay full retail price. Access to discount medical supplies can help people stay afloat and keep cash in their pockets during rough months.

Are There Any Other Benefits Or Bonuses Offered?

Definitely, companies that buy unused test strips in boxes like offers bonus cash each time you hit a certain level each transaction. You just need to read the print on the websites to confirm that they have bonuses. Not all companies offer bonuses so pick wisely and carefully and don’t miss out on extra cash or free shipping.

Is It Safe To Do It Online?

Yes, selling unused diabetic test strips is perfectly safe to do online. It seems like half of the world works online everyday. Just about any service you would need to live can be supplied through an online service provider. Safety online isn’t about the activity but about how you interact in the digital age. You should stay vigilant and smart about your dealings, but selling stuff online is a practiced and common occurrence, think eBay or Craigslist.

Yes, selling unused diabetic strips to resellers is perfectly legal. The used medical goods industry has been around for a long time and has helped a lot of people with discount goods. There are some considerations you need to know before you apply. They are easy to apply though.

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First, you can’t sell expired medical goods. This regulation is in place to protect people from expired medications or tests that may give false readings if past their prime.

Second, most buyers will only take used test strips from boxes that are unopened and undamaged. This means you can’t sell a box that is half full. It also means that you shouldn’t take off any stickers that are put on it. The company will do it for you in away to safely remove them without damaging the box.

Third, and most important, if you received the test strips through Medicare or Medicaid you can’t resell any of the strips. These are federal programs and you are not allowed to profit off of them. You should see a marker on the box that indicates that they are from the Medicare or Medicaid program.

What Is The Process To Sell Unused Diabetic Test Strips Online?

Register With The Company

It is becoming easier and easier to sell test strips online. Very little is needed to set up an account and start selling. The first thing you need to do is register with the company online. They will need shipping information and payment details. This way you will have access to free shipping labels, be able to track your sales, and receive payments.

Mail Out Your Sealed Supplies

Once you have registered online your next step is to confirm the order and send your boxes through the mail. Some companies have on-site sales or pick-up services. However, the vast majority, if not all, will give you the ability to ship them from the comfort of your home. If you surpass a certain threshold of value in the package you can get free shipping.

Get Paid

The last thing is to get paid. Once the company receives the package they will confirm the contents and the quality of the goods. You should get your payment via an online money transfer site like PayPal.

Final Thoughts On The Program

Selling unused diabetic test strips is a great way to get a little extra cash for unused items lying around the house. With the number of online buyers increases daily, there is a limitless market and lots of potential for fast pocket cash.

Ayush Thej