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Art is very broad. It includes almost everything; paintings, songs, musical instruments, supercars, unique headsets such as Engage 75, some attractions, dances and even the action of coloring nails. Yes! Nail art is one form of art but so far it has often been overlooked or rather unknown to most people. This article will highlight how to make dice nail art, as a form of nail art.

Dice Nail Art

Nail art is often complicated and this requires a lot of experience and understanding of special techniques. There are various techniques that can be involved, but one of the most famous is dice nail art. This is the art of painting nails until they resemble dice. Broadly speaking, dots are added to the nail, making it similar to dice.Following are the steps you need to deal with.

1. Prepare your nails to make sure they are clean of all old nail polish. Cut your cuticle if needed. Before coloring your nails, make sure they are completely clean of all dirt and have been shaped to your liking.

2. Apply a layer of coat. A layer of coat is useful as a base to paint your new nails. Without a coat, your new paints will not last long and will be easily erased by friction or rising temperatures.

3. Create your "dice". Applying a solid and white nail color is a recommended option. For information, white is the color of traditional dice, but if you want another color, you can use it. As a suggestion, use colors that tend to be blurry. But if you want to make bright dice, you can use bright colors like yellow or green. All depends on your taste. Just a suggestion, apply two layers of powder to the nails.

4. Use more contrast colors for the points. Paint five points in the dice pattern and you need to decrease the number of dots according to the size of each nail where they are placed. For your pinkie nails you should only use one point. It should be noted, you need to use a flat brush tip to make sure the color circle can be emphasized on the nail as needed

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5. If you want more durable results, apply a second layer at each point of your dice.. But make sure you choose the proper color tone before starting anything:

The ideal color tone depends on the background tone of each skin. Looking around the cuticle helps to know if the color is suitable for skin tone. After applying nails, take a look at the cuticles around them and see if they are not too red or gray.

Cold and warm bottom skins require different shades of nude nail polish.

To reduce the chances of failing the test; try to choose your nail polish thinking not only of the color but the subtons of the polish.

Check out how to find out if your skin has a hot or cold background tone

It sounds complicated, but finding out the background tone of your skin is very simple task. There are several tests, starting with the one that looks at the color of the veins of the forearm: if they are green, it means that your skin has a warm background tone, but if they are blue, the indication is that your skin has a cold background tone. Another simple way to kill this charade is to put two coins on the back of the hand: one gold and one silver. If the skin matches more with the gold coin, it means that you have a warm background tone, but if it gets better with the silver coin your background tone is cold.

Hopefully this article is useful. To get more info, we suggest you to read some good reviews.