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Digital Artist Noah Lupowitz

New York is home to some of the biggest names in various branches of art, ranging from the visual to music. The Big Apple has given birth to names like Norman Rockwell, Ruth Abrams, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, to name a few. Each painter has gone above and beyond to revolutionize the art world with unique visions and techniques, leaving a significant impact throughout history.

With each era comes a new movement that shakes up the world of art, and for more than a decade, technology has been either utilized or incorporated into the new wave of art. Digital mediums, in particular, have become the most popular approach, and among those set to thrive with the movement is digital artist Noah Lupowitz.

Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, Noah Lupowitz is the next creative individual set to make his mark on the digital art scene.

Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, Noah Lupowitz is the next creative individual set to make his mark on the digital art scene. He has been building his name through a series of 2D digital art, sharing them on his Snapchat and Instagram pages.

As an artist, Noah incorporates the Japanese anime style into his works to make them pop up. However, he does not wish to limit himself to a single style and has allowed himself to be open to elevating his craft by learning how to render 3D models and the art of producing films.

The young artist has been using his knowledge to produce digital art pieces and Snapchat lenses. In addition, Noah has produced filters based on pop culture icons, including the Smurfs, Pennywise the Clown, Godzilla, Jar Jar Binks, Batman, and more.

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Noah’s flexibility and penchant for exploring new art mediums can be traced to his youth when he was exposed to technology from a very young age, falling in love with its endless capabilities. As a result, he would spend countless hours pursuing both art and computer science.

Through computer science, Noah Lupowitz learned to take his creativity to new heights, taking what he learned to produce films. Unlike many others who were taken into mentorships, Noah took the time to educate himself on doing things from a young age.

“I learned how to make art and create my films by myself when I was only 14,” he revealed. “I made my first app when I was 15 and have made three more since then.”

Noah’s dedication has helped elevate his craft further than most people have despite his youth. With time on his side, the young artist and filmmaker have more than enough advantage to go even further than where he already is. Noah continues to hone his skills, polishing every edge of his craft to produce even better works.

Although he has already left an impact with his current works, Noah Lupowitz hopes to go beyond. Having already made four apps as a young teen, he sees himself gaining more experiences and picking up new things along the way.

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“I see myself working on more startups and hopefully finding success in my work,” said Noah. In addition, the young creator hopes to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs despite his age.