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The digital world is an ever-changing landscape that many business people have tried to navigate and conquer. Businesses and companies must learn how the digital world works if they want to keep on growing and surviving; they need individuals who can provide valuable insights for decision-making. For others, the digital world is a battlefield, but for people like Mike Calandra, it has become his favorite playground.

Mike calandra LA PROGRESSIVE

With fourteen years of extensive experience in the marketing industry, the digital marketing strategist has stood out because of his expertise and credibility in delivering results. Mike Calandra is a digital strategy mastermind with unmatched insight on what it takes to achieve your business and personal goals.

What makes Mike a linchpin in the industry is his ability to see patterns and strategies where most people see dead ends. Accordingly, he has played a pivotal role in the exponential growth of high-profile groups and individuals. Throughout his successful years working in the digital world, he has become an expert troubleshooter and a no-nonsense business partner of all his clients.

Beyond his marketing chops, Calandra is also known for being the co-founder and CEO of Snapback Digital. This digital marketing agency helps clients bring their businesses, companies and organizations to the next level. This agency comes up with out-of-the box social media strategies and manages digital ads, social growth, website development, email marketing and more. As the founder of his digital marketing agency, he possesses the expertise needed to be a catalyst of growth for their clients.

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Under Mike’s leadership, Snapback Digital stands out because of its impressive skills in developing clear-cut strategies for its clients, creative ideas that convert, and above-average knowledge of technology. With Snapback Digital, business people and entrepreneurs can be confident that they can outperform their competitors in their respective industries.

The expert marketing strategist is responsible for the digital success stories of numerous brands and public figures, ranging from athletes to social influencers and musicians. In addition, he has created effective and successful campaigns and partnerships for some of the most recognized celebrities. And with his successful reputation for helping clients, he has become a go-to guy for business people and other industry leaders who want to achieve greater heights.

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The entrepreneur was born in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Ithaca College. He is known as someone who indeed delivers and delivers well. The digital marketing expert is now more determined than ever to help clients grow their businesses by maximizing technology and creativity. Indeed, Mike Calandra has proven that the digital world is his playground.