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Dimitri Fostinis

Dimitri has always dreamt of becoming a millionaire. He runs multiple types of businesses. He is a DJ, collaborates with brands, dabbles in social media marketing but most importantly, Dimitri manages a large live stream talent agency with his partner and best friend, Rain Scott. Live streaming is the future of income now.

Dimitri Fostinis' key to success

One of the main things that keep Dimitri going and motivates him to be successful is the art of not settling in one job. He has many things running through his mind every day which allows him to always think of creative ideas flowing and helps him in entering into new business ventures. The more he focuses on the next paycheck, the more paychecks he achieves. According to Fostinis the more he hustles now, the more he will relax. He has come up with his strategy for earning and investing and has succeeded.

Fostinis' life-altering moment and future goals

The most life-changing moment for Dimitri was when he was being able to travel anywhere in the globe and work his business at the same time.

The most life-changing moment for Dimitri was when he was being able to travel anywhere in the globe and work his business at the same time. Before Covid-19, he went to make 15 different countries and had the pleasure to choose when and how long he could do that for. All he needed was a Wi-Fi connection and he was in business. Dimitri's long-term vision is probably the same as most people working for themselves. They want to work at their comfort level as well as have financial freedom, and that is exactly what Dimitri strives for. When someone is having fun making money, he can hardly even call that a job. Thus, Dimitri wants to be successful, travel the world, and have as much money as possible so he can do that freely. Dimitri wants his income to flow smoothly and so will his life. He dreams of spending a whole year where can just travel and work without any rent to pay, constantly travel and relax in the most luxurious hotels.

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Dimitri's piece of advice

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Fostinis feels like one just needs to give a little to become an entrepreneur. Some people just want to drop everything all at once and dive in headfirst. Some also apply for loans in banks or take financial assistance from their parents. The way Dimitri did it was that he piled up everything he could and slowly drop off the things he didn't need. He worked at a normal office job, made a social media marketing company, became a DJ at events, and live-streamed. He might even have done more that have slipped his mind. As all of it took off, he stuck with the ones that made him the most money.