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DIMO and XinFin Work Together to Build a Strong Blockchain Community

Since 2016, DIMO has been operating covertly as an entity driven to move blockchain technology forward.
DIMO and XinFin

There’s no denying that blockchain is the future. But the key to advancing the technology to more significant levels is creating solid communities around tokens, platforms, and coins— something not all projects have succeeded. Working with the high-performing agency DIMO, XinFin is one of the handfuls of blockchain projects that have accomplished this feat and solidified its place in the decentralized future.

The collaboration between DIMO and XinFin has been nothing short of successful by far, with XinFin’s community growing massively since the two organizations started working together. Moreover, DIMO has helped the blockchain trading platform increase its team’s liquidity by an impressive 54% in one month alone. “This feat, of course, was a joint effort by DIMO and the amazing team at XinFin,” shares a DIMO company representative.

DIMO, an agency that offers business and technical solutions to decentralized projects and blockchain currencies, has been in charge of XinFin’s marketing tie-ups and partnerships for a season now. It has helped the blockchain project with its influencer tie-ups, community growth campaigns, and managing the open community for XDC. Through these various programs, DIMO has helped XinFin get in front of millions of New Yorkers, as well, through an outdoor advertising initiative in Times Square.

Since 2016, DIMO has been operating covertly as an entity driven to move blockchain technology forward.

Since 2016, DIMO has been operating covertly as an entity driven to move blockchain technology forward. Its wheelhouse is around creating growth accelerator programs, enterprise tie-ups, brand building projects, community building and growth strategies, and many others for rising blockchain projects that need a boost. In 2021, it officially launched to the public and has since then worked with some of the most significant projects in the blockchain world. As a result, the company has the credentials to maintain its strong reputation in the technology and business solutions market.

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XinFin is but one example of DIMO’s spectacular performance. Before working with DIMO, the hybrid blockchain platform started with a mission to modernize global trade and finance by making an accessible, efficient, versatile, and highly affordable infrastructure for blockchain investing. Accordingly, its transaction fees are some of the lowest in the network today, costing traders and blockchain investors only $0.00001 per transaction, much lower than that $10-15 it costs to gain Ethereum or Bitcoin. XinFin is also one of the most efficient platforms, with the ability to process up to 2,000 transactions per second.

The team over at XinFin designed the platform to fuel XDC, its official fuel token. The coin shows various functions, such as a form of transaction fee and smart contract payment options. Traders and holders also can stake the coin and participate in XinFin’s validator network.

XinFin’s design is to complement the legacy financial ecosystem. It provides a blockchain option that will help DAOs and other organizations overhaul the tech stack. The coin has also been praised as one of the most energy-efficient blockchain technologies currently available. XDC is currently supported by multiple wallets, including Guarda, Freewallet, Crypterium Wallet, XcelPay, Lumi, D'Cent, Bitfi, Ellipal, and many more.

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DIMO hopes to continue helping XinFin succeed in the market, alongside its other clients as well. DIMO is also looking for project partners in the European, North American, and Asian markets, as they want to expand their bases into these markets.

Learn more about Dimo by visiting its website and Twitter account.