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Dio Magna

One of the biggest reasons that the majority of men believe they have small penises is the porn industry, which hires the few men in the world who don’t think their penis is too small, leaving the rest to regularly question what’s wrong with them, even if their penis really is on the large side.

The idea can be truly damaging to the self-esteem of any man who questions his penis size, and can lead to the development of a form of body dysmorphia regarding his member.

In March of this year, journalist Michael Stahl wrote on the website Inside Hook that carrying around the believe of having a small penis can be just as damaging emotionally and psychologically than actually having a small penis, which most men learn to cope with over time.

The problem is worldwide

According to Health Web Magazine, “Around the world, billions of men often have penis size anxiety. This form of worry sometimes causes sexual dysfunction, pre-ejaculation, decreased testosterone levels, lowered sex drives, stress, upset, and depression.”

None of this felt right to the founders of Dio Magna, who knew that the myriad pills on the market would do nothing, and hated knowing that desperate men were spending so much money on products that were a complete waste.

“Our mission is to help as many men as possible,’ said company founder Sebastien Rosil.

Better option makes a major market splash

Feeling sensitive about penis size can eventually have a negative impact on a normal sex drive, which is why Dio Magna dug so deep into their research to find something that could really help restore the self-confidence of these men.

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They sell three products, three simple but effective products.

All Night is a liquid that boosts libido by 75 percent. That’s no small number we’re talking about, right?

All Night is a great complement to the company’s mainstay, Dio Magna, a shea butter-based oil (it requires melting before use, because shea butter is a solid fat) that helps improve skin elasticity, increasing the success of stretching techniques such as jelqing.

Shea butter may also work well with certain nervous system neurological pathways when absorbed into skin, which may help promote penis growth, boosting both confidence and self-esteem, so it was an ideal choice for Dio Magna.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The company also sells a pump to augment stretching routines like jelqing, give real results a real boost.

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