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Making Homework Enjoyable

There are young people all over the world that are asking this question, as we experience another wave of the Coronavirus, especially here in Australia, where a number of states have imposed a lockdown. A lot depends on the virus and how well we contain the spread, but if you were to assume the worst, it would be possible to replace traditional classroom learning with distance learning. We currently have the technology to implement virtual learning at all levels, and with 5G coming soon, data speeds will be ten times faster.

Early Learning

Very young children would require complete supervision when learning online, so either mum or dad would have to take control, and if you are working from home, it is not practical for you to home school your child and work at the same time, although very few do seem to manage this near-impossible task.

Formal Education

For schoolchildren, some are attending schools, while many are learning from home, and with the full support of the school, online students follow the same curriculum as normal, the only difference being that they are remotely located from the teacher. Of course, very young children will require supervision from mum or dad, while secondary students only need to login in the morning to receive their daily work assignment, then they come online at the end of the day to submit their work.

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Very young children will require supervision from mum or dad, while secondary students only need to login in the morning.

Further Education

If you would rather study on campus, check out the many James Cook University courses on offer, with a total of 14 BA majors, which would be the ideal springboard to many careers. Of course, it is possible to enroll in an online degree program, indeed, many who live in remote regions of Australia choose the distance learning option and look for government funded courses. If you are still at school, you will have a career counsellor and you can always ask their opinion regarding a career path, and your parents will certainly help you to explore various career opportunities and help to set a study plan that enables you to enter the industry of your choice. Here is an article on distance learning in the US, which highlights the many issues.

Keeping Abreast of Covid-19 Updates

Whatever else, you should always stay informed regarding the latest Covid-19 information, as this very much determines what we can and cannot do, and if the government feel it is not safe, then we will be restricted and that could affect learning programs. Of course, if a safe vaccine is developed, this would change everything, which is something we can only hope for, as scientists around the world are trying to develop a Covid-19 vaccine.

Distance learning has been around far longer than Covid-19, and if the global pandemic continues to spread in Australia, online learning might be the only safe choice. We all have a duty to do whatever we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19, so do keep up to date with government bulletins and media outlets for the latest news.