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This is a question that many US parents are asking, as the Covid-19 global pandemic sweeps across the world, and with a second wave currently sweeping across America, it certainly looks like online learning is the way to go. We must adapt our lifestyles to combat the Coronavirus and this will likely mean our children having to study online, at least for the near future, although different States will have their own directive regarding schooling.

Making Homework Enjoyable

Having the Necessary Resources

In order to facilitate distance learning, a school or other learning institution would need to have the essential IT resources to provide a distance learning curriculum. Not only that, the students would need to have a good laptop, and with quick online personal loans up to $25,000, obtaining a powerful laptop is not an issue. Aside from the computer hardware, you also need a stable Internet connection, which is, of course, essential, as this is the only link with the learning institution.

What About Social Development?

Many parents are naturally concerned about their child’s social development, as spending their schooling hours at home takes away that essential social contact, and this is a valid concern for every parent, especially is they are on lockdown. Communities are already discussing the social implications of the lockdown, in particular with young children, which is something that every community will need to address. Here is an interesting article that asks the question, how do large schools check online learning?

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Covid-19 Vaccine

Your son or daughter will need your help adjusting to distance learning, and young children will need to have constant supervision when studying online

Of course, the whole world is waiting for a Coronavirus vaccine, which might take another year to be ready for global deployment, according to the WHO, the people who are tasked with organising vaccines. Once people have been vaccinated, there’s no reason to think that the lockdown needs to be in place, but, of course, we can never be sure of that, at least not at this time. It is very difficult for anyone to accurately predict when, if at all, we will return to the old way of life, and the best thing to do is prepare your child for distance learning, while keeping abreast of current news.

Helping your Child Make the Adjustments

Your son or daughter will need your help adjusting to distance learning, and young children will need to have constant supervision when studying online, while older students can spend the majority of their learning day offline, connecting at the start and at the end of each day. Children are extremely adaptable and with a little help, they should be able to handle an online learning program, and there are many free online resources that are dedicated to helping students cope with distance learning.

If your child is already asking questions about the future, it is best to be honest and explain that the future is very much uncertain at present, and help them to understand why we are having to change the way we live our lives in order to combat the Covid-19 virus.