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Doaa Alghouti

This architect-turned-fashion entrepreneur from Dubai has caught the attention of many fashion enthusiasts who vouch for her trendy designs.

Many women entrepreneurs have set out to make their mark in one of the most evolving industries, especially the fashion industry. These fashion entrepreneurs have created some most amazing designs and left the world wide-eyed. That's what the young Doaa Alghouti has done through her extreme talent, establishing one of the most sought after and leading fashion brands in Dubai - Anatomi, which was launched in 2015, and has today emerged as one of the leading names in the world of fashion. Many would be surprised to know that Doaa was into interior design and architecture earlier, but her deep interest towards the fashion industry got her here, and she's glad she took the right decision at the right time which helped her establish her brand on such a grand scale.

Doaa says that her contemporary label exudes timeless styles which comprise of modern silhouettes backed by elegant aesthetics. She has focussed on combining sophistication and femininity, at the same time kept the modernity intact in all her creations. The textures used in all her clothing is seamless as every creation focussed on minute detailing that brings out the most amazing end product. When asked what inspires her to churn out such breathtaking designs, she says, "nature has always inspired me to a great extent as well as architecture, which comes across in all my creations. Secondly, I like to experiment with redefined silhouettes, luxurious textiles and fresh colors which give a distinctive look to my clothing."

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Anatomi has taken all by surprise by unveiling it's first Fall/Winter 18 collection in Paris Fashion Week and its Spring/Summer 19 and Spring/Summer 20 in the New York Fashion Week which was widely appreciated by fashion enthusiasts as well as industry experts. Doaa's eye for detail has got her to reach astounding heights around the fashion industry, and she hopes to scale her brand's reach globally in coming days.

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