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Dog Shedding

Is your beloved dog shedding fur everywhere? We know how heartbreaking and annoying it is to see your pup dropping hair here and there. Are you working your heart and soul to know how to stop a dog from shedding excessively? No matter how carefully you try, you cannot prevent shedding in a puppy completely. In fact, dropping damaged hair periodically is a sign of sound health in canines. It is a variant of several factors and helps control the body temperature, especially in summer. When it is winter, your pup will produce some new fur to make him feel warmer. But, if you see extreme shedding, you must take steps to control it and discover the reasons behind it. 

Pro Tips to Stop Excessive Shedding

Controlling shedding in dogs is no rocket science. In fact, some in-home steps and adopting some diet habits can help you manage it successfully. 

Though it is a natural process in canines, you can maintain your tidiness in your place by following the easy yet useful tips at home! 

Ensure Regular Grooming 

Proper grooming may seem the foremost step to lessen shedding. Grooming steps are:

Bathe Your Canine

There is no alternative to washing out the damaged fur and keeping the dog's fur in the best condition by bathing him once in each 4-week. Do not bath him excessively, as it can dry out his skin inducing itching, and spurring shedding. 

While bathing, ensure using a hydrating moisturizing shampoo to lock the natural moisture.

Brushing your Dog

It is another excellent step you can adopt to lessen shedding. There is no harm in brushing the pup's fur even numerous times a day! 

Consider his coat health and adopt a proper brush to eliminate the dead cells and fur without inducing any irritation. 

Various kinds of brushes are:

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Pin Brush

These come in various forms and extents. Dog masters use this brush enormously, and it is proper for your pet if he has medium, wavy, or lengthy fur. 

Bristle Brush

Based on the bristle design, this sort of brush can be perfect for any pooch. For instance, if yours has short fur, you can pick one having packed bristles. For a long-haired canine, you can select a spaced-bristle brush.

Slicker Brush

This type of wire-bristle brush goes excellent to detangle your dog's lengthy or wavy fur. 

Deshedding Tools

Deshedding tools is another surpassing way of separating the damaged hair and preventing the pup from shedding here and there. It is similar to a comb and comes with compact pins. Deshedding tools operate in a one-directional way and remove the excess hair from the top and undercoat. Though these tools may cost you higher than usual brushes, they work great to lessen hair dropping.

Go for a Wholesome Diet

Food places a very significant role in maintaining an optimal hair and coat condition in your canine. An unbalanced diet is, in fact, a leading culprit in causing excessive shedding. Low-grade food is poor in nutritional value and only contains grains and rice. 

If you desire to improve your pup's hair condition, go with a nutritious and wholesome dog food rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins. A well-balanced diet should be lower in carbohydrates and rich in fat, protein, and omega-3. Don't forget to make the canine drink an ample amount of water to keep him hydrated. 

Control the Fleas

Fleas and ticks are very annoying, but the unpleasant truth is, they are very common in canines and spur shedding. When fleas attack the dog, the pet starts scratches the skin excessively, inducing irritation and shedding. So, to keep the fleas away, go for flea treatment periodically and use a quality flea comb. 

Try Natural Home Remedies

Before spending money on expensive remedies, try some handy yet powerful home treatments to control shedding. 

  • Supply his skin with the required omega 3 and 6 fatty acids by adding a few tablespoons of olive oil and flaxseed to his food bowl for few weeks.
  • Apply olive oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, or coconut oil topically to reduce skin irritation that can result in excessive hair shedding

Use Supplements

Tuna, salmon, etc., human-food are an excellent source of essential nutrients for your canine. But human-food may sometimes cause digestive and health issues in pets. An incredible way of fulfilling the need for required nutrients is feeding the pup supplements. Though no supplements promise to work as a 'magic' and prevent shedding completely, they can help to a great extent in controlling the issue. Supplements consisting of essential vitamins, omega fatty acids, and minerals work amazingly to maintain the best skin and coat condition in your dog. Before giving him any supplements, consult your vet and ensure you are following the accurate dose. Remember, feeding an excess quantity of minerals and vitamins can result in hypervitaminosis

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Following the above powerful steps can help you maintain a lustrous coat condition in your dog free of excessive shedding. But if the canine is shedding in patches and the issue seems to be the outcome of any underlying cause, like anxiety, fungal infection, or hormonal imbalance, consult your veterinarian immediately.