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Doge Army: An NFT that Brings Shiba and Doge into One Mint

For the grand launch of this NFT project, they are planning to take the market by storm.
Doge Army

Meme coins are some of the most significant blockchain projects in the network today, with Shiba Inu and DogeCoin being two of the strongest performers in the market. Taking these two projects and inserting them into the NFT space, Doge Army NFT looks to capitalize on the growing popularity of these meme-based tokens and build a mint that will sport longevity and massive potential for asset growth.

This new NFT project follows the success of the company’s recent crypto coin, ShibaDoge, launch. The ShibaDoge coin will back the NFT project, and given that it has been successful in its first two weeks, this is good news for upcoming token minters. In addition, since launching last Christmas Eve, the token has hit a $30 million market cap, solidifying its place in the crypto space.

Doge Army by ShibaDoge is a collection of 10,000 unique hand-drawn artworks representing a troop of highly-trained combat dog characters working together to create a brighter future for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT. In the fictional world of these 10,000 soldier dog meme characters, the goal is to make crypto the official currency of the world. “We are bringing the Dogecoin and Shiba Inu communities together in one,” shares a representative from the founding community.

For the grand launch of this NFT project, they are planning to take the market by storm.

The NFT’s artworks have been hand drawn by the company’s designer, a professional who also works with Apple. The founding group has also announced a partnership with, which will give the collection six months’ worth of exposure to over fifty million followers across the platform’s social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and more.

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For the grand launch of this NFT project, they are planning to take the market by storm. They will do some Discord Buildout to create the community, minting DAPP, and holder whitelisting. The team assures everyone who would be part of their community that they are taking extra security measures to protect NFT enthusiasts.

On top of the OpenSeas listing and verification, they plan to sell all 10,000 units. Once that happens, the creators will give away $10,000 worth of $SHIBDOGE to ten people and a Tesla Model S Plaid. For their Phase One launch, which includes a second series of 10,000 Unique hand-drawn Shiba Army artworks, fully selling out all 10,000 Shiba Army NFTs, strengthening their connections with the community, and tons of giveaways, they want to add a charitable initiative as a way of thanking the supporters.

Their Phase Two is still in the works, but they are looking forward to creating SHIBDOGE ARMY NFTs by combining 1 Doge Army and 1 Shiba Army NFT and generous giveaways of merch, products, and digital goods. As the momentum grows, they plan to do a lot of community meetings in both the meta and physical world and staking NFTs to earn $SHIBDOGE tokens.

All NFT enthusiasts who have the Doge ARMY NFT will be granted exclusive membership access to utilities such as a private holders-only club for virtual meetings to discuss crypto, NFTs, and strategies with NFT and crypto whales. Virtual meetups in the metaverse and staking features. Also, they would have access to breeding functions and dedicated spots for future projects.

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Their whitelist of 2,000 mints were sold in less than 48 hours. Public mint starts January 14th at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST. To learn more about Doge Army NFT, visit its official website. You can also check out the collection's Twitter and Instagram accounts and join its Telegram and Discord server to stay updated.